Favourite Fotos – Unsuspecting Donkey Photo Bombs Our Pyramid Pics!

Jumping photos at Pyramids of Giza - 2012

We loved having our jumping pics taken when we visited the Pyramids at Giza a couple of weeks ago.  When we were looking back through the photos we noticed we got photo bombed by an unsuspecting donkey!

Can’t see it?  Look below Jono’s feet in the picture.

Yep – far off in the distance a donkey was just minding his business but still managed to get in our shot!  Too funny!!

Here’s an enlarged version if you have old eyes like me….

Donkey Photo bomb!

Have you ever been photo bombed?

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Favourite Fotos – Unsuspecting Donkey Photo Bombs Our Pyramid Pics! — 10 Comments

    • It dos look like he’s standing on it doesn’t it Lisa? It was the next day when we were looking at the pics that we discovered this gem!

  1. It looks like your son is jumping over a tiny toy donkey with a man on it. How funny. Never been photobombed by a donkey before – but my husband likes to photobomb photos all the time. I swear I have to take two photos of everything. One that gets bombed by him and a sneaky one as he moves out of shot thinking his job is done
    Tracy recently posted..Photo Essay: Over Arthurs PassMy Profile

    • Hey Tracy – I think our families are related! I offered to take a pic for a couple at the Hatshepsut temple and I had to take no less than FOUR shots. The 2nd had Kate making faces in the background and the 3rd had Gert leaping up almost taking an AFL mark with his water bottle right between them in the background! Pretty sure the couple thought we were mental!!!

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