Favourite Fotos. Unexpected Yosemite Signage!

Well here’s a sign we didn’t expect to see at Yosemite National Park!

Being from Australia we don’t really have to deal with things like guns, but in the US we’ve seen quite a few.

It’s not a pleasant thing when you are really anti-gun but I guess each to his own!

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Favourite Fotos. Unexpected Yosemite Signage! — 5 Comments

  1. Surely that sign isn’t needed – it’s common sense to leave the guns at home when going to school, right? At least that’s what you would think.

    The “No Guns” signs were everywhere in Texas, even at McDonalds. It kinda makes you feel a bit uneasy seeing them and wonder who around you might be carrying a weapon.
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    • For us in Australia it seems like common sense! Maybe not for those who are used to them. We’ve seen people all over the place carrying them – the kids squeal each time and beg me to ask why the person carries a gun! AS IF!! Mace is freely carried here too – we’ve seen it threatened on the train in LA! Very exciting!!

      Love your Barrier Reef Video!

    • Hey Martin – thanks for stopping by! We had a run in with a female truck driver in New Mexico and as she was screaming at me I was thinking “she could have a gun!!”. That’s something I never thought would pop into my head!! When we were in Tombstone every shop had the guns don’t kill slogan. I kinda think people with guns kill people!!

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