Favourite Fotos – Safe Construction Sites 101!

Safe construction sites in Malaysia!

What kind of travellers would we be if at least one of our favourite fotos wasn’t of SE Asian safety standards?

I can assure you we have dozens of hilarious examples of un-safe construction sites and will share them with you in due course!

For now, imagine that you had to work up there on that platform?  Then imagine you had to do it with no safety harness?  And perhaps in flip flops instead of steel-capped boots?

For many workers that is the reality here.  We’ve spend loads of time watching them move around at height and marvelling at how they do it.  We’ve seen men throwing bricks several stories up onto the roof using bending bamboo to fling the bricks up while another guy catches them up top!

Truly these people could be stars in Cirque du Soleil!!

Watching is heart-stopping though.  Many passers-by have been amused at us gazing up and gasping every time a worker appears on what looks like very unsafe scaffolding!

After working for a company that pushes safety every day It’s something I will never, ever get used to!

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Favourite Fotos – Safe Construction Sites 101! — 2 Comments

    • My heart is in my mouth every time I see them David! I feel compelled to photograph this stuff cause no-one would believe me if they hadn’t seen it themselves!

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