Favourite Fotos – Make A Quick Stop For Snacks!

Make a quick stop for snacks on your bike!

I’m sure we’re all used to going through a fast-food drive through or two.  But imagine if you could make a quick stop for snacks and barely miss a beat!

Yep, in South East Asia you just drive your car or motorbike right up to a food stall and get loaded up with snacks!

Did you see The Hangover?  Remember Fanta in a bag?  Well it turns out any type of drink in a draw-string bag is the perfect beverage to hang on your handlebars as you ride!

Who knew?

Pair it with a snack in another bag and you’re good until your tummy alerts you to the next meal time!

I truly love the amazing things we see here in Asia.  Every day brings a new adventure!

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