Favourite Fotos: Oh It’s Just A Bit Of Rubbish!

Just a bit of rubbish?  Or a sign of a bigger problem?

I might have mentioned before that I just can’t get over the amount of rubbish left everywhere in South East Asia!  It’s not a judgement or a ‘why don’t they clean up after themselves’ type of thing.  I’m just constantly surprised when we come across a pile of rubbish.  I see it as a scourge on the earth, not just a bit of rubbish!

I’ve been vigilant not to become part of this cycle and if there are no bins available I’m always dragging home rubbish whenever we are out and about exploring.  I’ve had locals crack up laughing because I’m stashing the plastic from bottle seals or the paper from street food pancakes into my backpack while they are motioning for me to just throw it in the river or onto the road!

No chance!

I was particularly fascinated when we passed by one of the waterways in Bangkok on our recent visit.  I took photos of all this rubbish that had washed into one particular section.  As we stood there we started to look closer though.

In amongst the huge number of sticks and pieces of wood were all kinds of interesting trash.  If you look very closely you can see odd flip flops and shoes, bottle tops, paper and dozens of foam food packages.  There’s soft drink cans, plastic bottles and heaps of rubber bands (who would have thought rubber bands hung around on top of the water like that?)

There’s even a few dead fish and a puffed up turtle in there!

It's not just a bit of rubbish.  It's a whole lifecycle!

I think I’ll continue stuffing the trash into my handbag and carting it back to our hostel thanks.  I’d hate to contribute to this mess.  It’s just so wrong!

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Favourite Fotos: Oh It’s Just A Bit Of Rubbish! — 4 Comments

  1. I completely agree! I love SEA but for the life of me someone needs to start telling the locals to throw their trash in the rubbish bin. The worst is when I see little children walking home from school, buying a snack and then discarding the waste as they walk. The children are the future and if they are not taught to find a responsible place for their trash at an early age, well, they never will.

    That having been said, sanitation services in much of SEA are not what they are compared to where we come from. Sure, some cities might have systems in play (most of which are of limited functionality, but at least they are trying) but most do not. They instead throw their trash everywhere because they know at night someone will sweep it up into a pile and light that pile on fire. Again, not a good solution. But a key part of every criticism we make as outsiders is stepping back and evaluating what is the root cause behind this problem. Then we can better determine what needs to be done about it.

    The only problem that remains is how to convince the locals. You’d think seeing their pristine shores go to utter crap in the span of only a few decades would help but as we all can see, that clearly hasn’t done anything. If anything it only makes them more willing to “hop on the bandwagon”
    Derek Freal recently posted..One Year Into My 4-Year RTW AdventureMy Profile

    • Longest comment EVER Derek! Totally agree and as I said it wasn’t a judgement, merely an observation. Educating the kids is really the only way this will change. I make a point of taking our garbage home with us and almost every time I endure the giggles and confusion of the locals who seem to think I’m mad! With baby steps I hope we can see a change over time.

  2. I am so pissed off with you for not sending me updates to your blog posts woman! I basically forgot all about keeping track of you, and now I have about 4 million posts to catch up on! Do please send me a link to any new posts, I only ever follow about 4 or 5 blogs and yours was always one of them, but I need those emails to remind me to check in.

    I really can’t afford your (very reasonable I know!) retreat sadly, we have just this last year of Jake at school (school fees FFS that’s all I’m saying)and then the very strict budget I have finally set myself will start to bear fruit. If it was this time next year I’d be all in, so if you do it again next year let me know I would LOVE to see you again 🙂 These days I work (reception/admin) at a psychologist’s office, volunteer at a kid’s organisation one day a week and am studying for a Diploma of Counselling, life is good this end too 🙂

    SO fantastic to see how well you are all doing, you had a dream babe and you made it happen – you’re a bloody inspiration!

    • Oooh best comment EVER Alison! A WHOLE catchup! Glad everything is good with you. I’ll be including links to each month’s posts in the new newsletter so don’t worry you won’t forget me again! I hope the retreat will be a yearly thing – it will depend where we are and on me being familiar with the area so I can book some awesomely fun activities! We are pretty happy with how everything has turned out. Got a couple more books almost ready to be published so it’s all happening. I just launched a brand new budget course if you need a hand with the cash – it’s only $10! Link is on the blog! 🙂

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