Favourite Fotos. Jono Asleep On The Bus In Penang!


Here’s our first favourite foto!

Jono got a little tired on the bus in Malaysia.

This was a separate incident to the day he peed on the bus.

We snapped this of him snoring in the luggage compartment. Who knew he was so flexible!!

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Favourite Fotos. Jono Asleep On The Bus In Penang! — 7 Comments

    • Bahahaha!! That was meant to slide by without anyone really calling me on it Nate!! We remind him all the time so it’s only fair to remind others!! Lol

  1. you guys are a riot. by the way, just read how travel has changed you. i’m soooo proud of you and gert. unreal that you lost between the two of you fifty… wow… unreal. and now, you can climb onto the elephants. goodie. love you guys. you are weird though, you knew that.

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