Favourite Fotos – A ‘How To’ Of Muslim Prayer Postures

Instructions for muslim prayer postures at the Blue Mosque

When we visited the Blue Mosque (and wore these snazzy blue outfits) we were interested to note the Muslim prayer postures were explained on the wall.  What’s required at Muslim prayer time is one of the interesting pieces of information that float through our head whenever we see people start their prayer ritual.

How do they know which position to do next?  How long do they have to stay up, down or bent over?  Why does it look so repetitive?

Of course, they have instructions!  Which is useful for people like us who might not think about this except for when it’s prayer time and catches our attention.  We want to understand but when we are already on sensory overload we can forget to do some research once we get home.

It’s not the best picture I’ve ever taken but it was as good as I could get since it was behind a glass case.

It’s always good to understand different religions.  The more information that is shared between people the better.

Except about Scientology!  They can keep their crazy info to themselves!

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