Favourite Fotos – How Should I Walk My Dog? Not Like This!

How Should I Walk My Dog In Crowds?So, has anyone thought to ask ‘how should I walk my dog?’ before they saw this photo?

I take photos of everything as we wander around.  More often than not I capture gems like this one!  The lady behind has the right idea – her kid is on her shoulders.  I’m not so sure about the lady with the dog though!

Did she forget her leash?  Did her dog keep getting stepped on?  Maybe her dog was tired?  Who knows but it gave me a laugh!

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Favourite Fotos – How Should I Walk My Dog? Not Like This! — 6 Comments

    • Thanks for the comment – you’re right it pays to always have the camera. I think we might have a bit of a problem though. On our trip in 2012 we took over 22,000 photos!

    • Hahaha Derek. The doggy clothing is my favourite part. There’s a lady in Batu Ferringhi who has a large-ish poodle that she carries in a baby carrier on her chest! I shit you not!!

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