Favourite Fotos – Cutest Monk Statues Ever!

Monk statues in Bangkok

For the first time in a long time I’m dying to buy a souvenir.  I resist buying junk about 99% of the time but I really, really want one of these cute monk statues.

It’s not actually because they are monks.  It’s because of the minute detail that whoever makes these babies has been able to reproduce.  Each hair seems like it’s a real hair.  Their facial expressions are so detailed it’s kinda creepy.

Of course I admired them and snapped a forbidden monk statue pic completely ignoring the ‘no pictures’ sign.  That’s as close to buying a souvenir as I’m going to get.

Although my urge to start collecting Christmas decorations from each country we visit is in full swing again!  If only I liked wooden decorations and not the glass ones, I reckon I could pull it off!

Anybody wish they had one of these bad boys?

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Favourite Fotos – Cutest Monk Statues Ever! — 7 Comments

  1. Reckon if I stuck one of those at the front door it would work even better than my DO NOT KNOCK sign. They already think I’m that mental Scottish bint, bit of eccentricity keeps the neighbours at bay – just where I like them 🙂

  2. I am an action figure lovers, when I saw this on web when I was in Bangkok, I was in the hunt mode for these monks. I bought 2 monks figurine and thinking how to get a life-size one, so many scams on the Bangkok roads so I need to be careful when I buy and send the life-size monk back home. Also, I met a person of the company that create the statues, you can order the statue based on the photo you provide, but too expensive.

    Hope you got one too!

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