Favourite Fotos: Can You Take A Selfie With Someone Else?

Can you take a selfie with someone else and not make funny faces?

Do you take selfies?  Can you take a selfie with someone else and not worry about what anyone around you is thinking?  This guy can!  I think just about everyone has taken a selfie at some point.  And often with others in the pic!  Do you ever consider who is watching you take the selfie though?  Most people are caught up in the moment and don’t worry too much who else is around.

While I was happily snapping away to get loads of pictures of the boys on their recent dodgem showdown at Vinpearl Land in Vietnam I suddenly focused on what the guy in front was doing.  First he was taking a selfie of himself.  Then he worked out he could fit his lady in the photo too.  After several attempts she finally leaned forward far enough to get in the photo!

I wouldn’t have been so interested but really he was making the most priceless face in a couple of the photos!  I nearly went to show him once they got off the dodgems but I thought ‘Why ruin his future selfie-taking fun?’

Do you have any funny tales of selfie taking?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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