Favourite Fotos – Blue Hooded Mosque Dwellers!

Blue Robes at Malaysian Mosque

Some of you might remember a facebook update from the very first day of our trip back in January 2012.  We had landed in Malaysia and were just a few hours in when there was consternation that all of us girls had to wear snazzy blue robes to visit the Putra Mosque!

Of course the boys didn’t need to cover up one bit!

Well I thought I’d finally bring you the evidence, complete with sad faces from the girls and very obvious hilarity from Gert……….yes, he is smirking!

Gert Pedersen smirking!

He could not hide his amusement for the rest of the day!

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Favourite Fotos – Blue Hooded Mosque Dwellers! — 9 Comments

  1. I always carry a scarf around when travelling, saves me when entering churches, mosques, monasteries etc, and helps when the aircon is on full blast as well.

    • Hi Ann – definitely a good idea to carry around the scarf – you never know when you will come across a cute temple you want to go inside. Unfortunately the scarf wouldn’t cut it and we all had to be draped in pretty baby blue!! Thanks for your tip – a scarf has saved us many times on a freezing cold bus trip too!

  2. This is why there are many countries I could never visit. Such rampant misogyny makes me punchy and I would no doubt get stoned to death or something equally progressive. And before anybody says anything about culture. FUCK CULTURE. Culture/religion is NEVER an excuse for the destruction of basic human rights and liberties. Sexism and women hating is not excused by culture or religion.

    If you think it is FUCK YOU.

    Saying that, the robes actually quite suited you.

    (Be interesting to see if you publish this comment 😀 Not offended if you choose not to, love you anyway!)
    Oculus Mundi recently posted..“Right now I’m having amnesia and déjà vu at the same time. I think I’ve forgotten this before.”*My Profile

    • Ahhh…well at least some places get the boys sorted too! In Bangkok when we visited the royal palace the boys had to wear long pants. Ours had zip off pants and jeans so they were covered but there were plenty of men wearing sarongs that day!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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