Favourite Fotos – 86 Is Only Funny On Someone Else’s Birthday Cake!

86 year old birthday cake!

This, my friends, is what happens when you have a smartass baker in your family!  I turned 40 last week and our friend Berit turned 46 on the same day.

Berit’s super friendly son-in-law turned out to be a baker which made me love him on sight!

Until the cake arrived with a naughty 86 written on it!!  Bad boy Peter!!

If you haven’t tasted a Danish layer cake you are missing out on a highlight of your life!!

Here’s a pic of the inside – it was full of biscuit and cream and god knows what else!  It tasted so good.  And the bonus was that it was so big we got to eat it for 3 days after our birthday!  As well as an amazing cheesecake also made by the amazing Peter (but thankfully with no incriminating numbers on the top!!)

Danish Layer Cake - Inside Look

What’s the most amazing cake you’ve ever eaten?

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