Familytrek – The First Of Our Online Friends To Become Real Life Friends!

Yesterday I posted about why I love our online friends.

Today I’m going to start introducing some of the online friends that we have met in person while we’ve been on our life changing year.

Some you’ve already met – others you haven’t!

First up is familytrek. You’ve already read about them on our blog a few times but I figured I’d start at the beginning of our victims!

I met Clark when I had not long started this blog. I joined a tribe of likeminded travel bloggers and there they were! We tweeted each other’s posts, shared blog info and facebook stuff….and somewhere along the way we became friends!!

When we set off in January we really looked forward to meeting Clark, Monica and their kids!

We invited ourselves along for camping at Yosemite with them (probably invaded their family camping time but you get that!) and then we stayed at their house in Tahoe for a few days, even watching their kids and dropping them to other friends so Monica and Clark could kill themselves hiking on their anniversary!

These are the things I know about Clark and Monica:

  • They are super family oriented. They plan their work day around their kids and take shifts so one can work while the other does kid stuff.
  • Clark adores Monica and he’s not afraid to say it!
  • Monica is an ideas person. In the total of 6 days or so that we’ve spent with them she has told us at least 6 ideas she has for businesses. Many times I heard her say “wouldn’t it be great if”, “imagine if you could” etc etc. That’s impressive!
  • Their kids are chalk and cheese! Jackson is a lot more reserved than Emery. Emery will throw herself off the bench on the assumption that you will catch her! Jackson will ask three times “are you sure you will catch me?”
  • Most of all Clark & Monica are on the “same page”. They are kind of in sync in an interesting way no matter if the topic is work, kids or their future….you really have to meet them to understand what I mean – Gert noticed it too so it’s not just my wild imagination!!

Here’s the pic of all of us before we left Yosemite.

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Familytrek – The First Of Our Online Friends To Become Real Life Friends! — 6 Comments

  1. It’s amazing the instant connection among traveling families. It’s like we all came from the same pot of thinking and are trying to live out our dreams. We’ve been fortunate to meet several traveling families now that we consider great friends, knowing we’ll meet up again, somewhere in the world!

    So glad you had a wonderful time!
    A King’s Life recently posted..Finding a Home in BaliMy Profile

    • And don’t think I haven’t been following your travels and eyeing off that new home in Bali, King Family! Is your floor comfy? lol. It’s so nice for me to think that years down the track we’ll be able to catch up with our travelling family friends somewhere in the world!

    • Bahaha!! It’s not hard to be nice about you guys!! Wait until you hear about the next family (those Klafs!!)

  2. I have to admit that our traveling friends we are slowly meeting throughout our travels have become perhaps some of my most-loved and respected friends! We’re on the same page, with similar (albeit different) goals and dreams! It’s so fantastic to be able to relate to someone! Can’t wait to meet Clark & Monica in person, as well…and hopefully you guys too, someday!!
    Living Outside of the Box recently posted..Colors of Ajijic MexicoMy Profile

    • Meetups are so fun!! Especially if you turn out to have similar dreams and goals! Hope to catch up with you on the road!

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