Family On Bikes – Victim Number 3 In Our Quest To Meet Online Friends!

Family On Bikes meets Life Changing Year in person!I got my personal planner today and I’ll be posting a pic of it soon for you.  You have until tomorrow night to use your discount code to order your own!  Here’s the link to the planner discount code if you need it again.  Do it now – it’s 15% off people!

Meeting John, Nancy, Davey and Daryl from Family On Bikes was a little different from our usual travelling family meetups. (Please, please click on the link to read about how those guys were CHASED BY A BEAR!!)

For starters, we were more online acquaintances than friends at first.  And they are called Family On Bikes people.  That means they do EXERCISE!!  Eeeeek!

We weren’t sure if our schedules were going to meet up at all.

That was until we facebooked at midnight in Idaho that we were without a place to sleep and Nancy said ‘come on over!’  They got us all settled on the floor with our sleeping bags and everyone was happy!

Now you might not be aware but Nancy and family are kinda famous!!  They rode their bikes from Alaska to Argentina – and it took them 3 years!!!  Nancy and John have written several books about their adventures too.

You know what that means in my book.  Published authors = FAMOUS!!!

I followed their blog for ages.  Then I came across Nancy in an awesome facebook group I joined – I noticed right away how nice she was.  Then Gert and I downloaded a book or 3 from Amazon.  And that, my friends, is when we fell in love with Nancy and John!

John is kinda like a crazy scientist! When we were there he had about 10 jobs on the go that all had to be finished within the week as this energetic family were about to set off on a 2 month hike, covering 500 miles!!

Two.  Months.  Hiking.  Gees!

One day he explained how he converts the files for the ebooks they write – way over my head!!  Then he told me what he had to do to backup and restore their website when it was hacked!  Gee I hope I never have to do that!  I expected him to start quoting information about catalytic converters and time travel any moment!

Davey and Daryl are awesome kids and they took Jono under their wing.  He went to a scout day with them, we all went to a robotics event and the boys played Lego for ages!  It was so nice for Jono to have some boys to play with after such a long time!  He’s a few years younger and they could have easily not hung out with him but they were so very friendly from the very first minute!

And then there’s Nancy.  What can I say about Nancy?

Nancy is kind and friendly and boy does she love her family.  Nothing was too much trouble and nothing tested her patience.  (After a year away with our kids we now understand how this is possible but at the time it hadn’t sunk in yet!)

It was so nice to spend time with her.

We talked about travelling and websites and beading and being famous!  There’s no way that Nancy would accept that she was famous no matter how much I teased her!  And of course now I tease her at every turn!

We talked about this amazing post she wrote about things she wishes she had learned earlier?  This one post has had well over a million visitors!!

Nancy recently gave a Tedx talk.  If you are not familiar with these you really must check them out.  Here’s a link to Nancy’s talk where she asks the question ‘What would you do if you were not afraid?‘  Yep – click the link and see my famous friend on camera!  Besides the great story, the reference to a fanny pack is particularly hilarious to this Australian!

This talk gave me a great opportunity to tease Nancy about her ever growing fame!

Now the reason I’m telling you all of this is that Nancy is releasing a brand new book next week titled Changing Gears: A Family Odyssey To The End Of The World.

We’ve been lucky enough to have a sneak peak of this book and let me tell you IT IS AWESOME!  I’ll be reviewing it next week for you and there’ll even be a competition where you can win some awesome prizes (yes we love prizes here at Life Changing Year!)

So click those links and get to know Nancy and co from Family On Bikes.  Then get ready to purchase her great book next week!  You heard it here first!

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    • Well just me, I think you’re a lot more than that! And you’re damn fast – I just published this! Can’t wait for the book to come out either – it is so exciting!!

    • Well we won’t talk about how you planned to make me swim with ALLIGATORS! Ahem!! But truly you are top of our list for next time! We still have 33 states to conquer!

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