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Nancy - Family On Bikes

A couple of days ago we told you how we met up with Family On Bikes in real life to discover just how lovely they were!

And we told you how Family On Bikes cycled a bazillion miles for four whole years!

And how Nancy is awesome….well actually I think I might have to take that back and unfriend Nancy very soon.  While I was writing this review I found this photo of her holding the cutest monkey in the world!  Waaaaaaaa…..I want to hold a monkey!!Nancy Sathre Vogel with monkey

Nancy’s cycling journey still kind of blows my mind. I’ve met these guys and slept on their floor. I’ve watched John jump on his bike for a quick trip to the store. I’ve seen the kids zoom off on their bikes on their way to school. And still whenever I see one of the photos from their cycling adventure I think W.O.W. HOW DID THEY DO THAT??? How exactly did they cycle for 3 years?

And after I had my own cycling adventure in Vietnam I was even more in awe of Nancy!

Family On Bikes - Cycling the arctic tundra

Anyway what you’re really here for is to hear about Nancy’s new book right?  Now I love books.  And while we travelled last year we downloaded a couple of Nancy’s books onto our iPads.

Which started a bit of a competition between Gert and myself.  Gert doesn’t normally read print books, he prefers audio books.  But we were both so engrossed in ‘Twenty Miles Per Cookie’ that we were both trying to get to the end of it first!!  I can’t remember who won but I do remember the conversations….
Family On Bikes Book

‘Where are you up to?’

‘Did Nancy read her book to annoy John yet?’

‘Did you read the part where the stranger rescued them from the giant puddle their tent was sitting in?’

On and on it went.  A couple of times I heard Gert giggling as he read that book.  It was definitely a first for us to read a book together!

So with the arrival of Nancy’s new book ‘Changing Gears: A Family Odyssey To The End Of The World’ I got a sneaky head start!  I managed to get a copy a wee bit earlier than everyone else and this post is the first Gert will be hearing about it!

Mwah hah hah!!  I WIN!!

I got to read all the juicy details first.  And let me tell you that this book is better than the last!  Nancy’s writing is better than ever and her stories make you feel like you were right there with them!

You can read a preview of the book right here on the Family On Bikes website.  I’m not going to tell you any of the juicy details – I think the preview at that link is more than enough to make you want to read the book.  Just reading it now made me want to read the book again.

If you’re getting ready to head off on your own adventure, consider purchasing Changing Gears to really give you an idea of what your adventure can be like.  And if you know there’s no way you could ever cycle for years at a time, reading this book will give you the thrill of actually being there without ever leaving the comfort of your couch!!

Either way, when you decide to get your own copy you can use this link right here – Changing Gears – Family On Bikes Book.

The book is available from 21 March US time.  Because we are time travellers and live in the future here in Australia we have to wait a little bit for the others to catch up!  So I’ve held off publishing until you can actually purchase it!

Changing Gears - Nancy of Family On Bikes Adventure

And I promised you a competition for your hard work.  Here’s the link to Nancy’s site to win some really great prizes.  Sorry but the comp is only open to residents of the USA – There’ll be three winners – be sure to let us know if you score a prize!

DISCLAIMER:  Some of the links to Nancy’s books or the Family On Bikes site above contain affiliate links.  If you don’t want us to receive a commission when you buy feel free to do a google search and find the links separately.  Your price will be the same either way!

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Family On Bikes – Changing Gears Review — 4 Comments

  1. I read Nancy book Twenty Miles per cookie and loved it 😉

    She inspires me all of the time – to ride with two boys for so long, incredible. Now I am jealous…you got to meet her (and family) and sleep on their floor?

    Not Fair 🙁

    Gee that monkey picture sure is cute.

    So good that she has written another book. Be good to read it!
    Lisa Wood recently posted..Finding Inner PeaceMy Profile

    • Yep Lisa – we were the honorary floor dwellers! Then we put our tent up in the backyard until her lovely friend offered us her house for a few nights! Was great fun to meet them all – they were really interesting to hang out with and boy have they have some adventures! You’ll love the new book – I’m still blown away by how much food Nancy had to carry on her bike!! And you know she’s so positive she keeps telling me I could have a bike adventure too! I’m not really convinced…..

        • I’m too young to dieeeeeeee!!!! We are definitely buying bikes while we are home this two years. It’s about time I learnt some balance! And I want to be able to hire a bike in a cool city and wander through the street without shrieking every time someone comes within 6 feet of me! lol! I hope the book does well for you Nancy. It was a great read and I really felt like I was there!

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