Everyone Should Spend 4th of July In Boston At Least Once!


4th of July with the Mussler family was the main reason we came to Boston so early.

And so Gert could get a new photo with a crazy hat!

If not for that big celebration, we may have lingered in Vegas a little longer and missed out on the lazy days we spent wandering around the Jamaica Plains neighborhood!

We set off by train after lunch to explore the city.

Justin had a plan to watch the fireworks from The Commons which is a bit less crowded than the main area! Good plan we thought since Sam and Maggie are just 3 and 7 – we didn’t want to lose anyone!!

We explored the city and saw this cool guy walking on a rope made from toilet paper! That’s one I haven’t seen before – I was sure it would break!


There’s a big park that has been developed right on the water. We learned that a huge highway was redirected underground to allow parkland to be built up top! It took years and years but was well worth it for the result. There were so many people out enjoying the park and the water play areas.

Of course ours joined in!

Maggie was straight into the water but Justin had to bribe Jono with two dollars to walk right through the water flow! Jono finally agreed!


It was so hot and humid that Jono dried off without the use of a towel during the afternoon!

We wandered along part of the freedom trail. You can click here to find out more about that!

Then we lined up at a pizza restaurant for dinner. Yes, more pizza! I’ve never seen so many pizza shops as I have in Boston!! I’m told there’s a whole heap more in New York!! (I’ll report back on THAT one next week!)

This is a very old pizza shop. Opened in 1926. it’s called Regina Pizza. Great pizza – visit if you’re brave!!

We had to line up outside and the guy on the door was bellowing at everyone to stay off the street.

It was soon our turn and he told Sam in a very gruff voice to get off the trash can he was standing on. Once we were inside the waitress bellowed at Sam to sit down.

Sam wasn’t too sure how to take them but he decided to obey!!

They practically threw the menus at us – pizza, pizza or more pizza?

We had three goes at ordering drinks – she kept walking off mid order and just bringing us half of what we wanted. Apparently we were all expected to have the same thing!!

Then she got impatient because we didn’t know what we wanted! I had noticed some of the other customers had been deciding their order in the line outside – now it all made sense! They were living in fear of the waitress!!

Finally we placed our order and we waited.

When the pizzas arrived they didn’t quite fit on the table! So she piled two on top of each other and told us not to touch the hot trays!

Except we wanted the cheese pizza on the bottom for the kids!

So we bravely asked her how to get it out. She actually rolled her eyes at us! Told us to eat the top pizza first!

We very kindly explained that we needed the bottom one and she picked up the pizzas, told us it WASN’T VERY HARD and brought them back swapped around and banged them on the table!!

So we still could only get at 2 pizzas!! It was truly the funniest thing ever!!

We all thought she was exceptionally rude. Justin though it was just an act!

Strangely, about half way through dinner she came back and was all chatty, even being kind to Sam and asking him if he wanted to stay in the restaurant with her!!!

So we felt loved again and even left her a tip!! Odd Boston pizza experience #1!!

Then it was off to The Commons for fireworks.

The kids had a dip in another pond called Frog Pond which was closed (but we sent them in anyway).


Then we staked out our spot for the fireworks. There were some flickers of lightning around which made everything more fun!

We needed a toilet stop so endured an almost one hour wait at Starbucks for the lone toilet cubicle!!

Someone proposed to his girlfriend while we were waiting in the park for the fireworks to begin (lucky for him she accepted!). The kids got glow sticks, had snacks and then the fireworks began!

And they were probably the best I’ve ever seen!! They went for ages and were the shapes of planets and hearts and cubes. A whole pile of them were red, white and blue. They were big, small and enormous!!

About 5 minutes in I felt a little drop of rain on my hand as I took a picture. No sooner had I mentioned this droplet to Gert than the heavens opened!!

Who knew I could get up off the ground so fast?!?

We were right near a tree but we seemed to be the last people in the park to get under it! It didn’t provide a lot of shelter and it was so funny to be craning to see the fireworks while you’re being pelted with rain!!

Now the fireworks REALLY seemed to go on forever!! On and on they went. As we got wetter and wetter!!

By the time they finished we were nicely soaked and the park had started to clear! My photos don’t really do them justice but it was raining on my head people!!!!!!

We found out later that those closest to the fireworks had been evacuated into a tunnel when the lightning had been threatening so they missed the fireworks!!

Lucky we didn’t try to get ourselves too close or we would have missed out too!!

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    • Thanks Justin. We had a great time with you guys! Hope you can get back to your usual routines soon!

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