Ever Been To A Vietnamese Water Puppet Show?

Vietnamese water puppet show opening pagoda

A Vietnamese water puppet show is a completely unique experience.  First of all, if you’re not aware, it is completely in Vietnamese!

Which is interesting…..

And secondly, everything is live.  Which is super fun!

We didn’t get to a water puppet show last time we were in Vietnam so we decided to see one on this visit.  Barb got us tickets and we rocked up and took our seats!

The show seemed to be a short series of sketches about traditional Vietnamese life.  There were puppets who went fishing, puppets who fell in luuurrve and Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott even seemed to make an appearance in his speedos!  (For those that don’t know, our Prime Minister is pretty sporty and is often photographed in his budgie smugglers!)

We were pretty close to the front but please excuse the heads in my photos!  I was trying not to be that annoying person that stops everyone behind from seeing the show!

Vietnamese water puppets complete with heads in the way!

The puppets were in pretty good nick with shiny paint jobs.  I think I may have expected the whole thing to be a bit old and worn out but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.  The dragons even shot real sparks out which was an achievement I thought!

Sparklers at the Vietnamese water puppet show!

Occasionally the audience would fall around laughing so I imagine there were funny parts too!

I really liked seeing all the puppeteers at the end.  It was hard to imagine just how they made those puppets move like they did when they were behind the scenes and in the water too!

Puppeteers run the vietnamese puppet show!

Somehow those guys made multiple puppets move smoothly in the same direction AND in time to the music!

The puppets moved in complete unison!

Barb and I both agreed at the end that the show was still interesting in Vietnamese but that it would be hugely helped by either a small pamphlet at the end explaining the show in other languages or something short at the beginning explaining what we were going to see.

It was a cute hour spent though and tickets were really reasonably priced.  If you have time to go and see it you should check it out if you’re in Ho Chi Minh City.

This post was not sponsored and we paid for our own tickets.

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Ever Been To A Vietnamese Water Puppet Show? — 8 Comments

    • I KNOW Samantha! I suspect I may have been a bit distracting to the audience when I started suddenly whispering “I’ve got to get Tony Abbott’s photo!” It was a fun show and I’m glad we went.

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