Embracing Change – How travel has changed us.

I had a good think about how travel has changed us when it came time to write this post.  I was amused that the topic was embracing change when we had decided that our trip next year will be life changing!  Kind of like today’s topic was made for us!

There were lots of things to choose from but I think the one thing that has really had a lasting effect on us was squeezing our fat bums into those aeroplane seats on our trip to Vegas last year!!!

Our flight was a bum-numbing 16 hours.  We didn’t sleep at all because we were so excited.  (Our kids stayed home – we really were excited!!).  The flight was pleasant but I remember my feet swelling up and having to shift in my seat constantly to get comfortable.

As a couple, weighing in at 113kg (me) and 107kg (Gert) we sure could have done with being a bit lighter.  Unfortunately we were headed towards all those Vegas buffets instead of away!!!  We surely put on a few extra kilograms while we were away.  Dozens of our photos are of the food that we ate!!!  It’s a tiny bit embarrassing!!!

Our trip was in August.  By September we were discussing another trip in 2011 and taking the kids.  All I could think about was another long plane trip!!

By early October I decided to do something about it.  I took myself off to Weight Watchers and signed up for about 8th time!  Something was different this time though.  I had a good meaningful goal.  I wanted to fit much more comfortably into my seat the next time we travelled overseas!!

I steadily lost weight and then Gert hurt himself at work.

Suddenly he was home every day and COOKING!  Big plates of spaghetti.  Creamy sauces.  Garlic bread.  And absolutely no sign of any salad!!

So I told him he should join too!

To cut a year-long story short we are now 50kg lighter between us – we’ve lost a small child’s weight!!

Gert has reached his goal weight of 83kg.  I’m getting close to my goal and am currently sitting around 87kg.  We feel 1000 times better than we ever have and our eating habits have improved massively.  Gert will now not serve a meal without vegetables and we eat a ridiculous amount of fruit!!!

And now that we have decided to travel for a whole year in 2012 we are extra glad that we have embraced the change to our eating habits.  Imagine wanting to ride an elephant when you struggle to climb on to it in the first place.  How would we have carted our backpacks around if we were still little fatty’s?

I’m just so glad we decided to make the change!

This post is part of a 30 day project being run by bootsnall.com.  I’ll be posting for the next 30 days based on the subject of the day!  Check back each day for my latest bout of rambling….

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Embracing Change – How travel has changed us. — 6 Comments

    • Very true Clark!! But I didn’t realize that until I lost the kg!! Gert used to tell me he was going to have to go to the doctor as his belly was obviously a tumour or there was some medical reason it was so big! Wasn’t he surprised to discover that his crappy diet was causing his “tumour”!!

  1. WOW! That is awesome. Way to get the weight off. I will be checking back every 30 days or so to see how it is coming along and I really hope your keeping it off!

    • Oh no pressure eh Tyler?!?! Would love to have you check back each month! We had weigh in today – I lost 1kg and Gert lost 100 grams (but he’s at his goal now!) So we won’t be veering off the path!!!

  2. I must have missed this one on the journey, wow 50kg is quite an achievement! In fact it is not so much a small child as a small adult. How has change of lifestyle affected your eating habits? I find we are eating a lot more fruit and a lot less vegetables.

    • Hey Serena, aren’t old posts great?? We are eating more fruit and veg than we ever have. With Weight Watches all fruit and nearly all veg (except peas, corn, potato, sweet potato) are zero points so unlimited!! They have saved the day on more than one occasion! We really missed our salads when we were in Asia! Making up for it now we are in the US.

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