Embarrassing my children – It’s what I live for!!


Embarrassing my children is the highlight of my days!  Let me recount a recent event that illustrated their view of all of this!

Kate recently got a job at McDonalds.  She is 14 and has wanted to work there for quite a long time.  I agreed it was the perfect place for one of my offspring – we basically keep them in business!!  The day arrived when she was finally old enough to apply.   So online she went, put in her application and got herself an interview!

She was a bit nervous on the day but I dropped her off and in she went to do her thing.  I was not invited in!

I think it was a week or so later that she found out she had got the job!!  She was so excited and then couldn’t wait to get started!!   To cut a long and boring story short she has now almost finished her training and will be starting proper shifts next week.  Phew!!

The point is Kate is extremely independent and would have been horrified if I had attempted to help.

Kate’s best friend has now also applied to work at McDonalds.  I was told the story of how during her interview she got so nervous that some tears were shed!  We crossed our fingers and really hoped she would get the job.  When we heard that she had got it I was talking to Kate and Brittney in the car about how it was nice that even though she was nervous it had still turned out well.

I mentioned it could be a bit embarrasing to cry at an interview.  They mentioned how her mum had gone to the interview with her!  Not intentionally, but she had been invited to sit in!  I was amazed by this and asked what they would think if I went to an interview with them!

There was silence for a second.  Then Kate said she couldn’t think of anything worse!  She would be so embarrassed if I tried to go to an interview with her!

Brittney chimed in from the back that she would try everything to keep a prospective employer away from me, lest I start to tell them her secrets!  (OK, I’ll admit it, I am a bit loose with the secrets.  It’s not really my fault – most are really FUNNY!!)

They both agreed it was best if I stay home in these situations!

When I pointed out all the nice things I could say about them they finished it all off with “Mum, you really have become a liability!!”

Well that gave me a really good laugh and I drove home happy that my efforts to embarrass them have paid off!  I can’t wait to embarrass them in a competely new country!  Imagine how many people haven’t heard their secrets yet?  I’ll have a whole new audience!!

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