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You’ve probably noticed that there’s a new subscription section on the top right of the life changing year page!!  Yes people – the eBook is completed!!

So all you need to do to get your hands on the goss is subscribe yourself with your full name and your email address.  You’ll then be sent an email – just follow the instructions to receive your free eBook.

Hopefully this can be of some help to you to find your own travel stash.  Maybe you are just interested in how we are managing to fund our trip.  Or perhaps you’ll think it’s rubbish and will go away and make your own list of ways to save $$$.

Whatever happens I hope that it may inspire someone to realise they too can make big changes in their lives if they just put the effort in!

Speaking of effort – doesn’t eBay listing take a long time!!!  I’ve spent hours and hours listing items and still only have 20 up for auction!!  I’ve downloaded Turbo Lister so now I can do the listings and upload them to eBay on the day I want them to go up.  Much better and quite a time saver with all the templates they use!!

It will be a long, drawn out task but it will so be worth it when all our junk is sold!!!

Please let me know what you think of my ramblings in the eBook – would love to get some feedback as it’s my first one!

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