Earth Mother I Am Not. Will the Kids Make it Home Alive??


Earth mother I am not.  And it makes me wonder if the kids will make it home alive!!

Have you ever heard people wonder out loud why kids don’t come with an instruction manual?  Why they can’t get their kid to sleep?  What age is too young to start potty training?  Which school their child needs to be enrolled in from birth?

I’ve never really worried about the instructions.  Just taken most things in my stride.

If they wouldn’t sleep, I would happily nurse them.  If they wouldn’t feed I was fairly confident they wouldn’t allow themselves to starve.  If potty training didn’t go so well, I would take a break and try again in a month or two – no biggie

And I have certainly never enrolled a child in school upon their birth!!

I roll with the punches and take things as they come.  So they ate dirt – whatever.  Licked the dog – get over it.  Ate cereal for dinner occasionally – no one ever died from too much fibre!

As my babies have grown older, I’ve relaxed a whole lot more.  I suspect it really shows!!

There was the time that Matthew went to scout camp.  I drove an hour to drop him off one weekend morning with all his friends.  He waved goodbye and I had high hopes for his week away and tucked away the next Saturday’s date with a mental reminder to pick him up.

When I got home from work the next friday at about 6pm, there were dozens of messages on my mobile which had to be switched off while I was at work…..

“Mrs Pedersen, this is the scout master calling, could you please return my call ASAP”

30 minutes later…..

“Mrs Pedersen, this is the scout master again, I really need you to call me back please”

2 hours later….

“Mrs Pedersen, it’s now 2pm and scout camp finished at 9am this morning.  I have to leave now so I’m leaving Matthew in the care of the cleaners and hoping you get these message and come and pick him up……!”

1 hour later…..



There’s no way he was meant to be picked up on a Friday at 9am, an hour from where I work.  I would never have let him go if I’d known the pickup was on a weekday morning!!  I made the one hour drive to pick him up and discovered he was indeed in the care of the cleaners and was indeed not impressed!  He’s never let me forget that one.

Then there was the time I got home and realised I hadn’t picked up any children.  Back out I went to retrieve them.

Or this past 3 weeks where Jono had to get instructions each morning on where I would pick him up.  Some mornings I forgot to tell him the plan.  One afternoon the school found him patiently waiting at the front gate an hour after school was finished because he wasn’t sure where to go.  He thought it would be best to stay put and mum would come and find him!!  Smart kid – except I wouldn’t have known he was AWOL for another hour!

Both the older girls now give me strict instructions on pickup times, venues etc.  They know there’s a good chance they may never be seen again if they are not crystal clear in their requirements!

And now we’re taking them around the world!  What will become of us all?

Kate has already informed me that I’m being irresponsible and that I’m not thinking of her EDUCATION!!!  That I haven’t planned properly and we’re all going to die!!  And some workmates are having a bet on which month next year we will return (i.e. when the money will run out!)

But I know better……..

I know an adventure is even better when you don’t plan every detail……

I know if money gets tight we can couchsurf……..

and I know that my kids really, really like cheap noodles – don’t you kids?!?!?!?!

This post was meant to be part of a 30 day project being run by  I kind of got sidetracked but now I’m catching up because it was such a good idea and I can’t bear to leave it unfinished!  Check back each day for my latest bout of rambling….

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Earth Mother I Am Not. Will the Kids Make it Home Alive?? — 4 Comments

  1. OMG! You could have absolutely been describing me in your post hahahahaaaaaaaaa. My kids also always expect me to forget things, they remind ME to put my shoes on before we leave the house (I may or may not be known for forgetting my shoes for a certain school presentation concert!). Totally with you on all the “go with the flow” parenting, and I believe there’s lots of positives for not being on strict schedules and tight deadlines, perhaps one day our kiddos will thank us for keeping them on their toes, and I definitely think they’ll thank us for letting them explore and travel like so few get the opportunity too 🙂
    Ree – Little Aussie Travellers recently posted..Let’s Go Fly a Kite – Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

    • Hahahahaha!! Forgetting your shoes – that’s hilarious! I’ve gotten much better at remembering stuff over the years and occasionally now I get offended when they remind me of something important! Hopefully we will come home with the three children we left with (and not some other random cuties!)

  2. Oh my gosh! Your kid was stuck being watched by the cleaners! LOL. Actually, we have so much in common. Our approaches are so similar. We plan, but we are not planners. That’s why it does not seem crazy to me that you just say, if we run out of money, we’ll couch surf. That’s our approach. You plan, but you figure out life as you go. And seriously, when you are in California stay at our place for a few weeks. We’ll be here to meet and greet and then we’ll leave to go on an adventure someplace else and leave you with the house.
    Clark Vandeventer recently posted..3 days in the tomb and a blogger’s messianic complexMy Profile

    • Hey Clark. What a great offer!! We plan to spend 2 weeks in California – happy to housesit while you have an adventure. My only condition is that I don’t have to top up the firewood pile!! I’m exhausted just thinking about that video!

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