Decisions, Decisions!!

I am having a lot of trouble deciding where to start on our Journey. Christmas in New York sounds awesome but it means we either have to go mid December this year or wait until the end of next year for our white christmas. Airline tickets to the US in December/January are SUPER expensive so then I start thinking we should wait until the end of January to leave….BUT that’s a long way away – can we wait that long? All these decisions yet to be made……

I have however, managed to open a Twitter account as well as a facebook page so that we can easily stay in touch with everyone while we are away. Alas, it is very late right now and I don’t have another 3 hours to work out how to put links to these on our website!! That’s a task for another day. I am determined to learn how to do everything associated with this website over the next year and a half. Hopefully I will master the basics soon!!

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Decisions, Decisions!! — 2 Comments

  1. Have just found your blog and am lookong forward to reading about your journey. I wish we had thought of doing this when our kids were young. We are heading off next year so the planning is well under way.

    • Hey Michele – you are in for the time of your life! Thanks for letting me know you were here – hope you had a laugh at some of our adventures!

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