Dear Mr Obama! We need your help!!

Dear Mr Obama!  We need your help please!

Dear Mr Obama.

I know you’re a really busy man and have a lot going on at the moment.  I know that you need to spend your time making sure your country is safe and your economy is heading in the right direction.  I realise you just had a BIG birthday and it’s hard to fit in everything you have on your plate.

Unfortunately (for you) I am the main itinerary planner of an upcoming 52 week, life changing year in the U.S.A and I need some help.  Specifically YOUR help.

The problem is this.  No matter how I look at the map and no matter what different ways I plan this trip I just can’t make us be in the right place at the right time.  Christmas in New York is a dream for us with New Years Eve in Times Square.  This does not, however fit into my plan to give us 6 weeks in Las Vegas starting in June.  And the Vegas part of my plan really doesn’t allow us to be in Alaska in June also.  How can we choose between the two – the bright lights of Sin City or the Alaskan Wilderness and the chance to see a wild grizzly bear?

If we start in Los Angeles as we would like, we can’t possibly make it to Pennsylvania to see Punxsutawney Phil on the 2nd of February without a lot of backtracking.  And it would be really upsetting to miss Phil!!  And if we manage to see Phil predict a long or short winter in February, what of my plan to attempt to avoid the super cold bits in the USA?  No can do, Sir.      No.  Can.  Do.

It really is a dilemma that I’ve thought long and hard about with few satisfying outcomes.

However……..I think I have a solution.  And I think you are the key to making it happen!!

So.  Here is what I’m proposing.


Not permanently.  Just for a short life changing year in 2012.

The benefits to all parties as I see them are listed below:

  1. Las Vegas residents get to experience the sights and sounds of Washington D.C.
  2. D.C. residents can gamble their little hearts out for 52 weeks without needing to travel to the desert.
  3. Imagine the fun 2012 election rallies you could have in Vegas – and so much closer to home!
  4. All that gaming revenue currently going to pesky Nevada can go into getting those debts under control!!  Baker, over at Man vs. Debt will be so proud!
  5. You may have a casino built in your honour – or at the very least your picture projected onto a building (just like Donny & Marie!)
  6. You will be hailed as a god for achieving such a feat!
  7. Most importantly, my itinerary will work!!!

If you could arrange this for me I would be most appreciative.  I’d even be willing to overlook the recent damage to the exchange rate for the Australian dollar.

Just drop me a comment to confirm when these changes will be happening.  I’ll get ready to book my flights as soon as you give the word.

Best Regards

Life Changing Year chief planner (and next canditate for an organisational heart attack)

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