Day 3/Part 2 – Royal Selangor Pewter Visitor Centre

Royal Selangor Pewter Visitor Centre In Kuala Lumpur

After the awesome Batu Caves we decided to visit the Royal Selangor Pewter Visitor Centre.  Our guide, Nawir, hadn’t been there before so he decided to come inside with us!

The visitor centre has 3 sections.  The first part is the history of Royal Selangor, then it goes to the factory tour where you can practice hands on making patterns in the pewter.  The third part is the retail store where you can drool over the awesome creations!!

Entry to the centre is free and when you arrive a guide is assigned to your group to take you through the centre!  How awesome!!!  Our guide was super helpful and gave us plenty of time to look around.

We learnt about the history of Royal Selangor Pewter and saw pictures of the original factory.  Saw samples of early money and some of the beautiful pieces of pewter made today.

When we got to the factory section we had ice cold drinks of 100 Plus (a very popular isotonic drink here in Malaysia) served in pewter mugs.

The next section had a woman pouring liquid pewter into a handle mould and then quickly tipping it out onto a cold board.  The edges of the handle were messy from the mould and she dipped the edge into the molten pewter – it was 250 degrees celcius and the edge melted right off!  I was horrified that we could stand right next to this molten pot and that the woman was just wearing protective gloves – imagine if there was a spill!  These things are a whole lot more relaxed here!!

Amazingly we survived this section and headed to the next one where Jono & Gert tried their hands at adding patterns to pewter mugs.  There was a woman doing it perfectly by hand but the boys could barely made a dent, let alone do it in a pattern!!  The guide told us it take years to perfect this skill. 

We were then off to parts of the actual factory – it was a Sunday so the workstations were silent.  There are dozens of tables all lined up next to each other!  The workstations have the worker’s names on them and their goal.  I thought that was cute!

The visitor centre has the largest Pewter Beer Tankard in the world – this is in the Guinness Book of World Records.

There are pewter hands on many of the walls – dozens and dozens of them.  These hands are the prints of each of the employees – these are a milestone of 5 years of employment at Royal Selangor.  Funny to me as in my previous job we received an engraved pewter mug for 5 years service – here they also receive pewter recognition!!

The retail centre is AMAZING here!  There are bowls, cups, trinkets, animals and all number of awesome items made from pewter.  There’s also a separate section with jewellery!  I’ve never been a real fan of pewter but definitely like it a lot more now that we have done this tour.

Yup – Things are BIG at the Royal Selangor Pewter Visitor Centre!

There was even a Lord of The Rings official section with mugs in the characters from the books and movies – these were quite amazing (and expensive!!).  There was a tour bus full of Japanese tourists in the retail centre and they were buying up a storm!!

We have noticed on many, many occasions here in Malaysia that stores are selling Royal Selangor Pewter.  There are signs everywhere announcing stores as official stockists!!  Even a hotel here in Penang has a sign out the front announcing they keep items in their store.  Amazing how popular it is.

As I mentioned, the trip to the visitor centre is free.  We went with a guide, but there is apparently a free shuttle bus that you can catch.  We were trying to do free sightseeing this day to offset the cost of our guide!!  I’ve put a link here to Royal Selangor if anyone is in the vicinity and would like to visit or just to read more information about the latest place we visited during our life changing year!!  As always, I’m all about the story and not necessarily about any facts or learning opportunities!!

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Day 3/Part 2 – Royal Selangor Pewter Visitor Centre — 2 Comments

    • Hey Heidi – I have never liked pewter. I think it is because the only time I’ve really been exposed to it was for special occasions. Engraved mugs for 21st parties, or engraved items for new babies etc – I thought it was a bit old fashioned!! But after a visit here I’ve changed my mind!! There are some beautiful pieces in the retail shop and seeing how they are made was great! And I do love me a free attraction with a free guided tour!! You’ll have a great time when you get there!

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