Day 3/Part 1 – Malaysia. Batu Caves on our own guided tour!!

Our third day in Malaysia promised to be as ridiculously busy as the first two!  There’s a chance we were overdoing our life changing year’s first week but we were having fun!!

Once again we scurried downstairs following amazing smells, to discover that Hassan had a surprise for us!!  Nasi Lemak!!  Oh YUMMO!!!!  These little babies are wrapped up in a banana leaf and sometimes wrapped in brown paper or newspaper on the outside.  You go to a foodstall and buy them all wrapped up like that – what is inside is nothing less than amazing!!!

We unwrapped our glorious parcels to discover boiled rice and the most amazing little curry inside with nuts!!!  Hassan pointed out that we said we wanted to taste local food and here it was!!  I could barely eat all of mine as it was only 9.30am and I was once again eating curry and rice!!  Gert managed to polish off all of his and then had some fruit as well – I have no idea where he fits it all!

Hassan had organised a friend of his to be our guide for the day.  All we had to do was decide where we would like to go and he would drive us around and make sure we didn’t get lost.  This cost us about $80 for the day and was money really well spent as it was so early in our adventure.

Our guide’s name was Nawir and he loaded us into his people mover once all the introductions were completed.  Once again Gert was nominated to sit in the front!!

Our first stop was the Batu Caves!  I had been looking forward to this ever since we decided to start in Kuala Lumpur and it did not disappoint!

The Batu Caves have a giant statue of Lord Muruga (I think it’s the largest in the world) at the entrance and have a climb of 272 steps to get to the top of the limestone caves.  I knew this was going to hurt and that I would more than likely be the last one to the top!  Once again, I was not disappointed!!

The caves are one of the biggest Hindu shrines in the world and when we bought Brittney’s sari in Little India, the sales lady told us that the Sunday we would be going was a good day to go, so we were excited to see them!

As we drove up and Nawir let us out of the car we could see the giant golden statue.  We could also see lots of stalls selling fruit, trinkets, spices and lots of other items.  It was a busy, loud and thriving place as we made our way to the main gate.  There we saw a group of Hindu devotees getting ready to make the long walk and then climb up the stairs.

The hindu’s carry cute little pots on their shoulders or heads and they sure look heavy!  We learnt later that these pots are filled with milk.  I was so glad I didn’t have to carry one – I may have drunk it half way to make the pot lighter!!  Or possibly chewed it – it was extremely hot and I don’t think it was refrigerated milk that went into the pot!

You can see in the picture that several of the Hindu’s had shaved their heads for this event.  There was a guy set up across the road doing the shearing!  It was AMAZING to see – he seemed to just glide his hand over and the hair was just gone – not even any knicks or cuts!!

We got ready to climb.  Well, I got ready to climb!  The kids and Gert were off racing each other to get to the top!!  I just plodded along knowing that at each landing I would need to rest my BURNING legs!!  And boy did they BURN!!!  Imagine the most your legs have ever hurt and triple it as the steps just never end!!!

I did eventually make it to the top much to the amusement of Brittney who, for the record, was first to the top!!  Once there we discovered steps that went down the other side and another few souvenir stalls.  This opened up into a giant limestone cave and inside this cave was an area that was roped off specifically for the worshippers.  There was a whole temple inside where prayers were being said.  We took lots of pics and were interested to see all the goings on!

We climbed the last lot of steps to see another temple full of worshippers inside another cave.  There was also a lot of rubbish inside the caves – something we are slowly getting used to! 

It was then that we remembered the monkeys!!!  I had heard that monkeys were lurking everywhere, just waiting for a banana or a peanut!  We hadn’t seen any, but we had seen a sign for another section that had monkeys and a separate tour of another cave.  We headed off there quick smart!!!

I’m going to do another post with a video of a cute baby monkey trying to eat the beads off Britt’s bag but here’s a little teaser photo while you’re waiting!!

Check back for Part 2 of Day 3 shortly…….

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Day 3/Part 1 – Malaysia. Batu Caves on our own guided tour!! — 2 Comments

  1. Hi! Just found your blog the other day, so am reading your archives. Thought I’d comment as you’ve stirred some really great memories, I’ve been sitting here laughing!
    My husband and I went to the Batu Caves in 2008. What a hike! And it would be easier if the numbers on the stairs weren’t counting you down to the top! We were lucky (?) enough to see heaps of monkeys at the entrance to the cave, it had been raining, and one of them even entertained us when he slid down the middle railing on the stairs and couldn’t stop in time to avoid the big concrete ‘ball’. Needless to say, he hit the ground and scurried away. I love Malaysia!

    • Hahaha…poor monkey!!! Malaysia is great and we are enjoying a week in Penang before we head back to Malacca. It’s really really hot here at the moment, though!! And you’re totally right – they need to get rid of those numbers on the stairs!!

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