Day 2 – Malaysia – Little India

Day 2 of our life changing year adventure started off hot and steamy.  It was a very sticky night on our first night and we had to use the aircon!  We woke up feeling a tiny bit sweaty!!

We knew Hassan was taking us out for the morning to get our bearings around Kuala Lumpur and we thought we would grab something to eat for breakfast while we were out.  Little did we know Hassan had it all sorted!

As we wandered downstairs we were presented with amazing, freshly cooked roti!  And a curry!!  Yes folks, a curry for breakfast!!

We glanced at each other and plonked ourselves down at the table.

Each person cautiously spooned some steaming curry onto their roti and had a careful taste…….YUMMO!!  Even the kids thought it was great!!  We finished off our breakfast with some more of the fruit from the night before as well as bread and some peanut butter with choc coated rice crispies in it!!!  (Bad, bad peanut butter!!)

We rolled ourselves out to the car (I was totting up in my head the weight watchers points I had just consumed!!) and Hassan took us off to central KL for a little tour.  We drove past the Menara tower (a very tall spire with a revolving restaurant at the top), past the bird park and the butterfly hut, then on past the Petronas Towers.  Hassan then dropped us off at the bird park for lunch and we were to call him on the phone when we were ready to be picked up.

By this time it was nearly 1pm so we decided to go into the Hornbill Restoran and Kafe (interesting some Malaysian spelling is close to English).  Gert and I shared Nasi Goreng and Satay Chicken while the girls had beef skewers and jono had a burger.  We also ordered cold drinks and forgot all about how we weren’t going to eat ice in Asia!  It was so hot outside that we just gulped it down.  It was nearly time to pay the bill when I realised we had all scoffed down the ice!

(So that’s the water from the tap for teeth cleaning and now eating ice on day 2 – we truly are amazingly savvy travellers!)

We toyed with going to the bird park but didn’t really want to cough up $100 Australian to see stuff we have often seen in other places.  We don’t really intend to do too much of the things we did at home.  None of us are particularly partial to birds (and I’m outright scared of most of them – except for chickens!) so we decided to skip it and take ourselves off down the hill to explore the city.

On the way down the hill we found “do not feed the monkey” signs.  The sign showed pics of monkeys stealing bags and drinking from cans of coke!  We were very dissapointed that there were none anywhere around – even though there was a big pile of bananas nearby!!

Further down the hill we found public toilets.  We were all busting by this stage so we paid our 20 sen each to go in (about 6.5 Australian cents each!!  We got a little wad of toilet paper each for our money!  Kate was disgusted but the rest of us fared OK!

We bought bottles of water for 50 cents Australian from a food cart where Gert managed to bang his head on the very low awning!  We are quite tall here in Malaysia.  The girls especially are getting a lot of attention – big boobs, long legs, long hair, white skin and on top of that they are a head taller than most of the men!!

We didn’t know which way to go to get to the city so we headed right!  I usually turn left when I get lost so we chose right – pretty good logic huh?

We walked…and we walked….and we walked…then walked some more….crossed over a highway (completely illegal in Australia!)….walked under a railway bridge…up past the back entrance of the hilton….across another 3 lane busy steet…and finally stumbled upon little India!!

AWESOME!  I was feeling very proud of us for finding something without our iPads!!

Little India is exceptionally loud – there is music playing from lots of the shops – dozens of people around – it was 36 degrees or something ridiculous and we had the best time ever!!!  Brittney bought a sari – I don’t have a pic yet but wait until you see it!  I thought a sari was a head scarf so enthusiastically encouraged her – turns out she has 5 metres of fabric now that needs to be worn!!  In this heat??  She did actually have it on but decided not to wear it out yet as she couldn’t walk up any stairs in it!  I’m pretty sure it is destined to become a tablecloth!!!

We had fried donuts that tasted like chicken (!) and fried bananas that tasted like banana (!), fried chestnuts and cold water, cold water, cold water!!

We then decided to just keep walking and did a huge loop through some of the local neighbourhoods where we probably shouldn’t have been!  As always the girls were basically stopping traffic!!

We called Hassan to come get us from Little India and he couldn’t believe we had walked all that way (neither could I!)  While we were waiting for him we managed to get sim cards for our iPads so all was once again right in the world!!

Check back tomorrow for our trip to the Batu caves, Royal Selangor visitor centre, Chinatown and the Petronas Towers…….You know you want to!!

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