Cut Your Accommodation Costs

Cut Your Accommodation Costs With My New Book!I’m not sure how many of you know that I wrote a book all about how to cut your accommodation costs.  Yup – I did – you can get it on amazon right now!

Accommodation is one of the biggest parts of your travelling budget.  If you can reduce your accommodation spending you’ll have extra cash to spend on other fun stuff or the ability to stretch your travel adventure for even longer!

The secret to paying less for accommodation is to be educated!

You need to know what kind of offers are out there.  You need to spend a bit of time to search for them and then you need to book the good stuff when you see it!  Action people, it’s all about taking action!

If you’ve never travelled for more than a 2 or 4 week vacation you might be completely unaware of all the amazing tools there are out there to help you cut your accommodation costs.

Let me astound you:

  • Did you know you can housesit?  Yep – people will let you look after their house and their pets while they are away from home.
  • You can ‘swap’ your house for someone else’s in a better location.  Did you ever see that movie with Jude Law, Jack Black and Cameron Diaz where they swapped houses and fell in luuurrrvveee?  That’s what I’m talking about!
  • You can stay in hostels.  Stop freaking out – they aren’t even that bad and many of them have private rooms these days.
  • You can get a cheap relocation rental.
  • You can work in return for room and board.
  • You can even stay in a castle!
  • You can scour dozens of cheap booking sites that are specifically designed to save you money!

Any one of the items above will see you saving your cash for more important stuff.  When you put them all together for a longer trip, you’ll be having the time of your life and keeping your wallet fat with your savings!

Trust me – I’ve done it.

I’m still doing it!

What’s the best cheap bargain accommodation you’ve ever scored?  Let us know in the comments so we can steal your idea!

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