Cooking Class at Baan Thai Cooking School in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

When we were in Chiang Mai the girls and Gert decided to take a Baan Thai cooking class.  Well I kinda sent the girls with Gert for the following reasons:

  1. I can’t cook at home – Nothing has changed in Asia!!
  2. I was too lazy to spend the day standing up after we had just had our one day tour adventure the day before!
  3. Gert isn’t always a “do things by yourself” kind of guy and I knew he really wanted to go!!

So off they toddled to be Thai cooking masters!

The bus picked them up around 9.45am.  Actually the open backed pickup packed with other would-be chefs picked them up!!  They bundled themselves in and Jono and I wandered off to spend the day blogging, feeding the fish and eating lunch (we had mexican – don’t tell the girls – lol!!)

The day started with introductions for the group – then everyone was split into two smaller groups – about 17 people in all plus teachers.  Which dishes everyone was going to cook were chosen for the day.

Here’s the assembled group as they prepare to buy produce….

After everyone was friendly it was off to the market to learn about different herbs and spices and different types of produce.  There was taste testing and smelling and a little shopping for ingredients for the cooking extravaganza that was to come!

Once back in the kitchen, the real work commenced!!

Everyone was placed in smaller groups to make their particular choice of dish….making spring rolls?  Off to the kitchen for you!  Making sweet and sour fish?  Go to next door’s kitchen please!  Making sticky rice?  It’s mostly done so just add the sweet stuff!!

As the day progressed friends were made.  Here’s our newest friends Lauren and Ada with Kate!!

The getup required for cooking class is amusing to those of us who didn’t attend!  Doesn’t Gert look cute in his apron and bandana?

I kind of think he looks like he’s trying to deliver a baby!!  And here he is doing his karate kick (not really sure how this relates to cooking class!)

Part way through there was lunch and a rest break….yes….a rest from the rigours of cooking class….here’s the picture to prove it!!!

A great day was had by all and here are the details if you are planning your own visit:

Baan Thai Cooking School – Book at any tour desk or go online to their website

Cost for us was 900 Baht each (about $27 Australian).  You get to take home a cookbook each so you can continue the dining pleasures once you get home!  There are also several other cooking schools available – just google, all have websites.

Advertised times were 9.30am to 4.30pm.  However pickup ended up being about 9.45am and all were home 3.30pm – so it was a shorter day than expected!!

And here’s some pics for the foodies amongst you…try not to drool on your keyboards……

And it wouldn’t be a Pedersen family outing if this didn’t happen to one of us……

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