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Contact Us — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Tracey,
    Just read your ebook (yep, took me that long to find 10 mins of quiet time to read it!!)
    Was really interesting and I look forward to reading your blog and trip stories during 2012.

    • Hey Rach!
      Glad you finally got some quiet time – honoured you spent it reading my book!! Make sure you comment occasionally in 2012 so we know you are here following along. That baby of yours sure is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Tracey
    I’m sooo sorry I missed saying good-bye to you. At about 12.30 I realised that you would probably go to lunch & not come back!!! I raced downstairs to catch you but too late . . I was right 🙁
    Thanks for all the laughs & thanks for being a great person to work with! I know it’s a cliche but you WILL be missed! Have a fantastic time, stay safe, learn lots & if you’re heading to WA on your return, Brissie make a nice stop-over!
    Love & big hugs (my arms will get right around you now! :-))
    Keryn XOXOXO

    • No worries Keryn. I managed to miss a heap of people – it all got so hectic!! Mental note if you go overseas for a year off. Have the day off work before you leave!!!! Thanks for your well wishes. I will miss you too!!!

  3. Hi Trace,
    Sorry I didnt get to say goodbye as I was in the jungles of PNG for work. Dont forget to send me the remoulade when you hit Denmark.

    Good Luck.


  4. Hello, I wanted to talk with you about The Muskoka Foundation, and @dogoodasyougo. My name is Brian and I work closely with travelers to understand their interests in volunteering programs along their planned itineraries. We’d love for you to share what we do with your communities and readers, put a link to us on your site, blog about the opportunity to contribute to the communities people travel to, etc. We’d love for them to know about our photography contest, our annual calendars and our global locations.

    We have programs in everything from youth photography and music, to IT and entrepreneurship that might be quite aligned with your background and interests. There are many opportunities for you and/or your friends to work on some of these programs. We currently have partnerships in nine USA and Canada locations, as well as another dozen throughout Central and South America, Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. We are also open to adding new programs and partnerships, so let us know if there is something that you can recommend.

    A quick note of clarification as well, all work is done on a volunteer basis, but we provide the curriculum, equipment, background, connections and support to make it all happen. We also try to connect you with other great travelers in the area so that we can build a close global community and help people meet each other during their travels. As an example, you can meet a few of our current travelers here:

    I’d also like to share with you our beautiful 2012 calendars that were the output of our Photography Program. All the photos were taken by children during a 5 day workshop taught by travelers. 100% of the sales after printing costs go to the youth and their communities, sustaining their program while building creative and business skills. Please find the link here:

    Would be great to hear from you soon or even schedule a call to find out more about your questions and interests.

    The best of travels to you!


  5. Hello!
    I got a review alert for Maybe Later and lo and behold lies your wonderfully sweet review! Thank you do much for the praise- I’m so glad your family enjoyed your time at our restaurant. Your Life Changing Year story is so inspiring- can’t wait to hear more about your adventures! What brave kids and even braver parents to embark on such an incredible journey. Best of luck and love from Maybe Later, Sihanoukville!

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Anna!! We loved your restaurant and were so glad to get some CRUNCHY food after all the rice we’ve been eating!!! And the brand new guacamole on offer was the icing on the cake!!

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