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The Life Changing Year rabble will be back in Brisbane for Christmas but if we were lucky enough to be doing Christmas in Barcelona, here’s some tips we’d be definitely checking out!  And now, a word from our sponsors…….!

As Christmas gets closer, more and more people are choosing to spend the holiday season abroad. Both the seasoned Christmas fanatic or the grumpy old Scrooge can find certain advantages to escaping to sunnier climes for the festive season.

One of the most popular destinations for Christmas getaways is Christmas in Barcelona. The popularity of this cosmopolitan Spanish city has grown in recent years as a festive destination, as it has so much to offer to its visitors.

Cheap flights to Spain with mean that it is simple and affordable to book flights to the city.  Here we explore what could await you on your Christmas in Barcelona break.

Shopping heaven

Being as edgy and cosmopolitan as it is, Barcelona is one of the hottest places for shopping in Spain.  At Christmas, shopping takes on a different guise in the form of popular Christmas markets.  One of the most famous is the Fira de Santa Llucia market – a great place for gifts, Christmas trees and the Caga Tio, which is a log with a painted face and an important tradition for residents of Barcelona.  Make like a local and pick up your own Caga Tio whilst you visit.

Christmas Cuisine

Barcelona is famed for its tapas.  However, at Christmas food really comes into its own with a range of local delicacies to tickle the taste buds.  Restaurants in Barcelona tend to open throughout the holidays, even on Christmas Day, although booking is advisable.

Culture club

Being a hotbed of arts and culture, Barcelona is a magnet for culture vultures all year round.  At Christmas, some attractions will be closed due to the fact that the December 25 – 26 are public holidays.  However, on Boxing Day, places like the Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell open their gates to allow visitors in and, as the weather can be quite mild in December, a stroll around some of Barcelona’s most famous architecture can be a pleasant way to spend Boxing Day.

Christmas in Barcelona is still a time to be football mad!

Sports fans will definitely want to pay a visit to Camp Nou, the home of the legendary F.C. Barcelona. Even though there are no league games happening over the winter break, the stadium is still massively impressive and is worth a visit just for the experience.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the UK, flights to Barcelona are fast, meaning that in a matter of hours you could be soaking up festive Spanish culture at its finest.

Obviously I didn’t write this post (big hint – there was no swearing!) It was brought to you by  I’ll be keeping an eye on them for cheap flights next time I’m within a whiff of their flight path!

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