Chiang Mai one day tour – Elephants, white water rafting, hill tribes, butterflies and waterfalls!

We had a great time on our one day tour in Chiang Mail.  We tend to cram a lot into one day and then take a break for a day or so and this day was no exception!

We dragged ourselves up early (for us) to have breakfast at 7.30am.  We wanted to eat before we set off on our tour – we’ve learned food can be optional in Thailand and we love to eat!

Right on 8.15am our pickup arrived to take us on our tour.  We weren’t sure if we had booked a private tour or one with other people.  It soon turned out that this was a private tour of our own.  These are kinda fun and means we can be our irrevent selves, but sometimes we wish we had other victims to amuse on our travels!!

We piled into the back of the car and we were off.  Don’t we look safe?

Our first stop was the butterfly and orchid farm.  Personally I can take or leave butterfly farms as they are generally disappointing and I am certainly not in love with Orchids!  I was pleased when the guide told us we were only here for 20 minutes.   Yesssss…..!  Just enough time to tease Kate about her butterfly phobia and have a toilet stop!

Kate did not disappoint and ducked a few times as the killer butterflies came within striking distance of her hair.  There weren’t too many butterflies and what there was were mostly brown and boring.  Gert took a few cute close ups for us while I wandered off to the toilet.

When I came out I couldn’t find the others and walked around and around to locate them.  Turns out Gert used the time to photograph Orchids.  I must say I do find it interesting that they don’t grow them in dirt but other than that, meh…! 

We piled back into the truck and set off for the Karen Hill Tribes.  Gert had read on the internet that these people were exploited and we shouldn’t visit or buy souvenirs from them.  Sadly this was after we booked the tour!!!  And once you are there you kind of can’t resist!

Could you resist this?

Their little stalls were all lined up, it was early so we were the only ones there.  You can’t wander around in this setting and take these people’s photographs and NOT buy something!!   So we smiled at the babies and bought a magnet and a small bag.  Jono bought a ring from one lady and the girls bought aztec patterned friendship bracelets (they almost have no room left on their arms for these!)  We took photos of ourselves as Long Necks……aren’t we cute??

As we mozied back down the hill towards the car we were almost safely out before disaster struck!  There was an aztec dressed lady.  She’s the first stall in and the last stall out…..she knows you’re coming….she’s wiley…..and she’s wearing the coolest hat on the planet!!!

And it turns out I badly need one!!!

So she pleaded.  She gave Jono a free carved elephant.  She plied the girls with free bracelets with bells on them (seriously who can resist a BELL!).

And I bought the hat!!!

And here I am in my new finery!!

I’m pretty sure I’ll wear this to my next job interview just to prove what a world traveller I am!!

Part 2 of this adventure will be posted tomorrow…..

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Chiang Mai one day tour – Elephants, white water rafting, hill tribes, butterflies and waterfalls! — 4 Comments

    • Apparently they add these rings on from an early age and it pushes their shoulders down, making their necks look younger!!

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