Chaos Reigns!! Packing up for long term travel is hell.

Chaos Reigns at our house.  We are packing for our life changing year and it is not pretty!!

We’ve already had one garage sale which made us over $1000.  Unfortunately the house has not been the same since!  There’s boxes all over the places, piles of junk in every room and frayed nerves all around!!  I have emptied the Tupperware cupboards and packed it all in boxes.  That’s as far as I have gotten!!

This weekend will be our final garage sale so we are dragging items out of every room to go to the sale.  It’s really hard work – who knew???  I thought it might be fun for anyone else considering selling up and moving to see what our house looks like at the moment.

Here’s the dining room.  Notice the boxes taking up 1/2 the table and all the loose Tupperware on the kitchen bench!

Then there’s the entrance way to our house.  I wouldn’t want you to miss any of the mess so I’ve given you two pics – one left, one right!!

There’s junk on every single flat surface!!  Some is waiting to be packed into a box.  Some is waiting to go to charity.  Some is waiting to go out to the garage for the sale.  Some is definitely from someone else’s house because we can’t possibly have all of this crap!!


With just 4 more sleeps to our garage sale we will be working on the mess each night.  We have yet to go through the linen cupboard and the glassware cupboard so there is plenty of work ahead.   We have been using up the food from the pantry and freezer however so we won’t be needing to pack too much of that when the time comes to move.

Of all the rooms, our bedroom is the worst.  I’ve been stashing the items we are keeping or that are for sale on eBay in our room.  This was a great idea until the piles got really big!!  Now we are drowning in stuff!!

I can’t wait for the weekend.  As much as I’m not looking forward to two days of garage sales, I am very much looking forward to being able to clean out the garage and start storing all our packed up items out there!!  I NEED to be able to walk around my bed or get my shoes out of the wardrobe without having to risk a broken toe!!

One thing is for sure.  When we return after our life changing year we will never, ever again own this much crap!!

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Chaos Reigns!! Packing up for long term travel is hell. — 2 Comments

    • Thanks Emiel. Was worried that maybe I shouldn’t let it all hang out!! I much prefer to be honest – it’s so much easier. And so much more fun!!

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