Can Australians get over their fear of snakes by travelling through Asia?

We hate snakes!  It’s a well documented family fact.

You would think that as I and the kids are Aussies that we would be fine with them.  We’ve seen them in our backyards, out in the bush and flattened on the road!

Gert, as a Dane, is terrified of them.  He’s had a few run-ins on the road – the most recent being as he was at a roadside toilet with his pants around his ankles…through the toilet it slithered and had him stuck there for over 20 minutes!!!!

The facebook posts on the day were hilarious for all of us safely inside at home!!

So imagine our horror as we are eating lunch to discover a snake man right next to our table.  His baskets were all tied up but we knew what would be inside them!!

Scary, scary snakes!!!

Here’s a couple of pics for your viewing pleasure.  Jono is our guinea-pig and we make him have all the photos done so there’s one of him for good measure!  At the end there’s a new video of the snake man harrassing his poor snake – it’s hard to imagine they bite anyone – that snake just wanted to get away!!

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