Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo Texas. Bring Your Own Spraypaint!

Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas is super cool!!

You have to wander through a little gate and partly through a field to get to the cars which have been buried by one end in the ground!!!

Over the years the cars have been spray painted again and again until there’s now a thick coating of paint all over them – even on the tires!!

We didn’t take any spray paint but that didn’t matter. Plenty of other people had left almost-finished cans so the kids got to have a go (including that big kid Gert!!)

We had obviously been there not long after some Aussies……

Brittney left her mark on Jono……..

The poor kid was painted until he had a shower that night! Actually Britt did us a favour as it’s always hard to get Jono in the shower!!


This did not come off easily!!  I tried not to freak out about it getting on the car seats!



Gert thought we should play dominoes so we humoured him for a bit!!

This is another one of the quirky places we have found to visit on  If you’re planning your own roadtrip or just want to look at the cool stuff there is to visit in America, check it out!

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