Budget Update After 72 Days On The Road!

So.  It’s time for another budget update.  We are still toddling along documenting what we spend in the iphone notes and transferring it to our spreadsheet every couple of days.

This is absolutely the most scintillating part of travelling long term, let me tell you!!  NOT!!!

Boring as it may be, it makes us stay on track.  It’s so easy to tell yourself that you won’t go over your budget but keeping track is the only way for us to be sure (I’ll let you in on a secret – I think we lie to ourselves when we don’t!!)

At the end of March we hit day 72 away from home.  Well, away from our home country as we are officially homeless these days!!

And I’m pleased to report that as always we are still within our budget.  In fact we were so far under our budget when we totted it up into the first week of April that we were able to purchase a new zoom lense for our camera, plus a spare battery, case and HD SD Card – That’s a topic for another day but it was pretty exciting – we have been wanting that baby for ages!  And Gert is certainly excited to carry it from now on!!  lol

As always all costs have been converted to Australian Dollars and the stuff category includes anything that’s not food, drink or accommodation – transport, crap we’ve bought, clothing, tours etc.

So read on to find out how we are doing…….

March 2012 – 31 days travel – Visited: Bangkok – Thailand, Chiang Mai – Thailand, Luang Prabang – Laos, Hanoi – Vietnam, Da Nang – Vietnam, Hoi An – Vietnam.

Total Spent

  • Food – $1730.51  (Budget – $1199.78)  OOPS!! (AGAIN)
  • Accommodation – $1335.48  (Budget – $2118.82)  YAY!! (WELL UNDER!!)
  • Stuff – $1694.14  (Budget – $1537.48)  OOPS!!
  • Plus we spent $165 on immunisations on Bangkok

So on the everyday stuff we are ahead $96 or so.  Success!!  AGAIN!!!

Our home expenses have been as follows:

  • $50 – payment on an interest free loan that we will leave until it’s due to be paid out mid year.
  • $9.70 web hosting for our websites.
  • $380.51 – payments on our Worldmark timeshare.
  • $168.61 – life insurance for both Gert and Myself.
  • $240 – Storage for our furniture at home.

Our March income had a little boost.  We had our bank interest and also received a payment that was owing from 2011.  So our total income in March was $4266.72

Again no lotto win – even thought that big American jackpot was on offer!!

Current transport balance stands at $5593.95.  This month we spent $90.78 on the overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and $296.88 for the 2 day trip via slowboat from Chiang Mai to Laos (yes – just $59.37 each for a 6 hour mini bus, 1 nights accommodation including dinner and breakfast, plus 2 days on the slow boat – ridiculous!!).  We also spent $244 for the overnight (hellish) bus from Laos to Hanoi and $214 for the open ticket bus to take us on the following route – Hanoi-Da Nang-Ha Noi-Nha Trang-Ho Chi Mihn.  Then there were our airfares to the states – just $3194.89 for tickets from Ho Chi Mihn to L.A.!!  This was not as much as a dent as we thought it might be.

We have visited 3 countries this month – Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.  We’re getting ready to go on to the USA and the kids are super excited about this!  Disneyland is calling them and it is just days away!

The purchasing of crap has continued unabated AGAIN!!   The girls have bought bucket loads of stuff – I just keep track of the dollars these days – they shop so quickly I can’t keep up!!  Pleased to report that the above numbers include a $300 overnight trip to Halong Bay and an outrageously expensive meal in Hoi An (we think we accidently paid twice the amount – stupid us we didn’t check!)

So that was March.  The time seems to be rushing by and a little voice is whispering that I’ll soon have to think about how to earn an income when I get home.

I’ll put those thoughts off for another month at least!!

And so far it looks like we’re not going home early!!

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Budget Update After 72 Days On The Road! — 4 Comments

  1. Good on you for coming in under budget – I wish we were in the same boat, but luckily we’re not that much over either… the idea of a new camera lens is very motivating though 😀 I’ve started using an iphone app called Expenditure lately, and it’s a lot easier than using notes/spreadsheet, which is what we were doing previously too.

    • An app sounds good. I may switch to that 1/2 way through!!! Asia was really easy on the budget. America is killing us! $50 per day for a hire car with no real way to live without it!! We have to think about every cent that we spend where in Asia we barely gave it a thought!! Never thought I would miss Asia!!!

      • Why not buy a cheap car or campervan? I did that on the last trip to USA and Canada and it saved so much money, and then got a discount on insurance using my rating 1. Vancouver was the cheapest place to buy the car though (only because insurance is the cheapest).

        • We did end up buying a car! It’s a big green beast!!! Such a relief to be able to do whatever we want again!

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