Budget Roundup – How we’re travelling after the first 12 days!

I’ve decided to do a budget roundup each month so others either travelling or thinking of doing the family travel thing can see what it is actually costing us each month.  If you don’t care about this (or haven’t yet joined the betting pool suggested by my good friend Luke Dutton on which month we will run out of money!) then you can just skip this post.  Or go back to the post on the monkeys and watch the video again (now minus the porn ads at the end!).  Those monkeys really are too cute!

As regulars stalkers of this site would know, we jetted off for Kuala Lumpur on 20 January, 2012 (almost missing our plane in the process!)  I’ve included this travel day in our budget even though the majority of our spending was on the plane!!

I haven’t included any spending we did prior to leaving – preparation costs, backpacks, airfares etc but I have included any accommodation that was prepaid – we only prepaid for KL so this makes it easy for me!!  The stuff category includes anything that’s not food, drink or accommodation – Transport, crap we’ve bought, clothing, tours etc.

All costs have been converted to Australian Dollars as that’s the currency I did all my planning and budgeting in – Sorry for those of you who are not Aussies!!

So let’s get to it…….

January 2012 – 12 days travel – Visited Kuala Lumpur & Penang, Malaysia

Total Spent

  • Food – $671.79  (Budget – $456.97)  OOPS!!
  • Accommodation – $614.48  (Budget – $812.90)  YAY!!
  • Stuff – $324.38  (Budget – $588.38)  YAY!!

So on the everyday stuff we are ahead $247 or so.  Success!!

Our home expenses have been as follows:

  • $50 – payment on an interest free loan that we will leave until it’s due to be paid out mid year.
  • $141.23 – payments on our Worldmark timeshare – These will be more next month when we have a whole month.  We will score around 8 weeks free accommodation during the year so some small payments are well worth it!
  • $122.66 – life insurance for both Gert and Myself.

We have had the following income since leaving home:

  • $86.55 Bank Interest
  • $81.73 Tourist Refund (GST Refund)

Pretty big effort for income huh?  And next month it will only be bank interest (oh and that big lotto win that is coming our way – KIMMY!!)

We have allowed just $12000 to get us around the world and home – (big) transport wise!  This is a big ask and we will have to be super careful not to blow this budget or we’ll be selling the children a little earlier in the trip than we had planned (sorry kids!)

Current Balance stands at $10073.90 – Spent so far $1810 for flights to KL and $116.12 for the overnight train from KL to Butterworth.  We have a chunk of virgin frequent flyer points that we will hold off to use closer to the end – this will help us stretch the cashola and hopefully prevent the necessity of swimming home!

We have visited a whole 1 country being that of Malaysia.  Pretty appropriate since there are signs everywhere saying 1Malaysia!!  Next month we should hit at least 2 more!

And how about this list of crap we have purchased in our first couple of weeks:

  • Gert – Shoes, iPad cover, iPad stylus, iPad screen protector, undies (!), t-shirt – Total $60
  • Britt – Sari, Vampire Diaries DVDs, Sunglasses, Handbag – Total $129
  • Jono – Necklace, Green Lantern DVD, Petronas Towers Souvenir – Total $7.20
  • Kate – True Blood DVDs – $19
  • Tracey – Purse – Total $8 (totally essential item!)

The brakes will be applied to all kinds of purchasing the further we get ’cause we have to carry all this junk!!!  We’re highly embarrassed – when we walk through the market several of the vendors say “OOOHHH, Miss Brittney, Miss Kate – I give you special deal!”  and “OOOHHH, are you off to get Nasi Lemak for breakfast?”  It’s definitely time for us to move on!!

So there you have January’s wrap up!  I’ll do one each month – both to keep us on track and so that we can all see the moment it goes pear-shaped and we know we’re going home early – NOT!!!!



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Budget Roundup – How we’re travelling after the first 12 days! — 2 Comments

  1. Can’t guarantee a lotto win but the P&DD bonuses are being paid. Best work out now which country will give you the best price on the kids before you move on.

    • Yee-Haa!! Alaska here we come – it’s almost as good as a lotto win since I didn’t include it in my budget!! I’m thinking Thailand will give us the best price and we can offload them early!! lol. Actually I could have sold Brittney today – a guy in the market was asking her to kiss him!! Yikes! Lucky we are moving on come Thursday!

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