Budget Roundup After 41 Days of Family Travel

Here’s the latest update on how we are doing money wise!!  After 41 days of family travel it appears we are still inside our budget!!  I’d like to see us a lot more inside our budget to be honest but it’s just not happening!

As always all costs have been converted to Australian Dollars and the stuff category includes anything that’s not food, drink or accommodation – transport, crap we’ve bought, clothing, tours etc.

Let’s see where we are at…….

February 2012 – 29 days travel – Visited: Penang – Malaysia, Bangkok – Thailand, Siem Reap, Phnom Pehn and Sihanoukville – Cambodia.

Total Spent

  • Food – $1574.14  (Budget – $1093.79)  OOPS!!
  • Accommodation – $1458.12  (Budget – $1951.17)  YAY!!
  • Stuff – $1310.52  (Budget – $1414.84)  YAY!!
  • Plus we spent $524 on immunisations on Bangkok

So on the everyday stuff we are ahead $117 or so.  Success!!  AGAIN!!!

Our home expenses have been as follows:

  • $50 – payment on an interest free loan that we will leave until it’s due to be paid out mid year.
  • $380.51 – payments on our Worldmark timeshare.
  • $168.61 – life insurance for both Gert and Myself.
  • $240 – Storage for our furniture at home.

We had the following income in February:

  • $125.92 Bank Interest

Wow – won’t that keep us in the style to which we have become accustomed!!  No lotto win yet!!

Current transport balance stands at $9642.90.  This month we spent $165.80 on the overnight train from Butterworth to Bangkok, $187.50 on the bus from Bangkok to Cambodia and $77 on buses from Siem Reap to Phnom Pehn and Phnom Pehn to Sihanoukville.  Doing pretty well on that front so far.  Our flights to America in April are set to put a big dent in the budget!!

We have visited 3 countries this month – Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia.  We’ve had a pretty busy February!

The purchasing of crap has continued unabated!!  I’ve actually lost track of all the junk!!  We’ve bought cheap bracelets from street kids, fake makeup from the markets, pens, notebooks, clothing and various other random junk.

And that just about covers February.  We were sick a couple of times during the month so our normal posts are a bit behind.  We’ll be catching those up over the next couple of days to get you all back in the loop.

And so far it looks like we’re not going home early!!

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