I Have Books In Me!! Who Knew??

 Yep, it’s official.  I have books in me!

I’ve wanted to write a book since I was a teenager.  One time I even wrote a whole chapter before losing interest!  That was in the days of writing in notebooks instead of computers.  When it came time to edit the chapter I was too lazy to write it all out again by hand!

End.  Of.  Book.  Dream!

All these years later I’ve given it another go!

  • Now I have a Mac – editing is super easy.
  • Now I have a writing tool – Scrivener has changed my life!
  • Now I have a helper – formatting is not my problem!
  • Now I have the time to dedicate to actually finishing something!

So the first book to be released was our practice effort.  Brittney and I wrote it together about the interesting times we’ve had running garage sales.  It turned out so much better than I expected and we went ahead and published it to Amazon!  If you click on the picture of the cover above you can see it published in all its glory!

It was fairly easy to write since we chose a subject we are experts on.  We’ve had a few garage sales and I’ve written about Garage Sale etiquette several times on this blog!

Who could have known what that publishing step would unleash?

We published on 14 April and since then I’ve written a completely new book in an A-Z of Travel Planning series I’ve started.  The first book on accommodation will be released on April 30.

That’s 2 books in one month!

And not tiny 5000 word booklets either.  Garage Sale Etiquette is over 12000 words and the new Travel Planning book is over 20000 words.

I’ve written the outline for the next 4 books I will publish and writing them is turning out to be outrageously easy!

So yes.  I have books in me!!

But not for long – they are flying out of my fingers almost faster than I can make time to write them!  My sightseeing in Vietnam is suffering!

Now I just have to work out how to get reviews from the people who bought the book!

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I Have Books In Me!! Who Knew?? — 9 Comments

    • Thanks Carol. I have to admit I was a little bit excited when I wrote this! We are loving Vietnam – it’s our second visit. It would be lovely to live here – I’d need to be a lot closer to local food than we are here though……!

  1. Tracey, it is so awesome to see you pumping out the books! You are a great writer and I am can’t wait to read them. I totally think you should do my course BTW! I reckon you would be very exciting to a publisher 🙂

    • Hey Serena – I would love to do your course – I read all the details of it several times. And the last course I did with you created this blog and probably almost everything that came after! Unfortunately I have no budget leeway to be able to sign up. Dammit!!!

    • You could be right Tamara! Maybe my writing mojo will disappear once we leave Vietnam? No, No, No! That’s tomorrow morning!!!! hahahaha!

  2. That is so cool Tracey, congratulations!

    I wish I could get something like that to fly off my fingers but better yet, come up with the darn ideas. I’ve always wanted to do something like that too but I don’t really have the thoughts inside me. Yeah, my brain doesn’t quite think like that but that’s okay. I’ll just stick with my blogging for now.


    • Thanks for dropping by Adrienne. I wouldn’t be surprised that you don’t have books flying out of your fingers! You put so much effort into your blog posts and your community! It takes me ages to read your posts and I make sure they are all loaded up in my RSS feed so I don’t miss a single one!

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