Bloggers: How’d You Like To Score A Book Deal?

Learn how to score a book deal with this new course! In case you’ve missed it, I’ve been crazily writing books lately!  (Yeah – that’s my new eBook cover above!)  Something clicked in my brain and they are pouring out of me faster than I can write them.  I’m being kept awake at night thinking of new passages and different ways to explain things.  And I’ve been wondering how to score a book deal with an actual publisher!

My second book will be published on Amazon this week and book number 3 is set for release around May 15. I wish I knew what the change has been from two months ago but hey, I’m just going to roll with it!

Those of you who’ve been reading Life Changing Year for a while will know that

a couple of paperback books actually started this crazy travel journey.  Serena Star Leonard has particularly been responsible for a lot more than her initial book, which contributed to my travel plans.

I did an early blogging course way back in 2011 and I’ve had some coaching sessions with Serena.  She even interviewed me for her new book! I’m waiting for that baby to arrive in the mail any day!

So what does all this have to do with Bloggers getting book deals?

Well, Serena is about to run a brand new course specifically designed to help you get a book publishing deal if you are a blogger.  I’ve signed myself up for the BLOG to BOOK course and I thought it might be interesting to other bloggers who are keen to get their words in print!

Self-publishing on Amazon is one thing.  An actual book deal and a solid book in your hands with your name on it is a whole other kettle of fish!

Since Serena has published several books (and her hubby just secured himself a book deal) she knows what she’s talking about.  Her first book was a bestseller and she’ll be tapping in to some secret inside publishing knowledge to help all her students get on the right track to getting a book deal.

How many chances do you get to do a reasonably priced course like this, with a successful author, who actually got her first book deal from the work she put in on her blog? I’m actually a tiny bit excited and can’t wait for the course to start!  I might have even made a few notes last night on the book I’d like to write should I score that publishing deal!

Who wants to join me on this adventure?  Who wants to know how to score a book deal? Follow the link to the BLOG To BOOK course outline to read all about it and ask Serena any questions you might have!  You can check out Serena’s blog at the same link too if you’re nosy!

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There are affiliate links in this blog post which means if you choose join the course with me I’ll receive a small commission for referring you. Think of the fun we’re going to have together!

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Bloggers: How’d You Like To Score A Book Deal? — 10 Comments

  1. Wow Tracey, that sounds like a great course especially for you since that’s the direction you want to go. Writing books and getting published.

    I think it all sounds interesting and as I shared with your earlier, I love to write but I don’t think books are my deal. I love blogging and I’ve been told to put some of my blog posts into books but it’s not where I want to focus my time ya know.

    I wish you the best of luck though and have no doubt you’ll do awesome.

    Adrienne recently posted..A BIG Twitter Mistake: Are You Doing This?My Profile

    • I’m so excited to do this course Adrienne. I wish it was starting this week instead of next month! I hope some other bloggers that I know get signed up too – it would be really fun to go the distance with someone else as a buddy. Thanks for your best wishes – they mean a lot!

    • It’d be awesome wouldn’t it? Do you think you’d get used to cameras in your face all the time if you had a TV deal?

  2. Congrats on your books! I’ll get there one day… still new to blogging, but so many ideas swirling around my head. Good luck with it all.

    • I suspect that may be the secret to my recent writing success Kris. Many many years of thinking about what I would write just all came together! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. “Way back in 2011” – jeez you make us sound like old ducks 😉 So cool that you are signing up for Serena’s course. I’m sure it will be incredible value for money. I looked at it and decided it would be more appropriate for next year for me. Looking forward to seeing the book deals that come out of this course!!

    • I can’t resist Kylah! Won’t it be cool to see what does come from it? And you’re right 2011 seems so long ago!

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