Biggest Travel Mistakes – 5 things that could bring us unstuck!


Today’s topic is Biggest Travel Mistakes.  Sounds interesting.  And I can’t think of any!

I’ve been mulling it over for an hour or two and there’s really nothing big that jumps into my head.  I’m assuming this means we haven’t travelled nearly enough.  About the only thing that causes us to come unstuck is a lack of planning – but this generally just results in a wasted day.  And that’s certainly not hilarious enough to make today’s post a “must read”.

So.  I’ve decided to jot down the travel mistakes that we have the potential to make when we are in the thick of our life changing year.  With travel that is set to cover more than 20 countries I’m sure there’s an awesome list of mistakes that will make our trip super fun!

  1. LOST PASSPORTS.  Let’s face it, this is the big one. The mother of all mistakes.  The big kahuna of the list.  We still haven’t decided whether we will carry our passports at all times or try to leave them safely in our accommodation.  Probably a mixture of both.  I can’t begin to imagine the hassle it will be to have to replace them on the road. And there’s 5 of us – imagine the expense of getting 5 new passports!!!  Travel insurance claim, here we come!  The biggest risk factor is probably me however.  With just 76 sleeps to go until we depart, I still haven’t applied for the kid’s passports.  I need to pull my finger out and get those babies happening!  I have a cute little bag that I keep Gert and my passports in.  So far I’ve misplaced the bag twice in the last month while I’ve been packing.  If our passports go walk-about you can bet it’ll be because I have put them in a “SAFE” place rather than some exciting attempt on our lives in Asia!
  2. UPSET TUMMIES.  We are slightly terrified of this one.  On our list of things to do in Asia is live on street food and eat some snake. Both of which could result in more than a few frantic trips to the toilet.  And then there’s drinking the water and eating ice-cream that’s not been kept quite frozen enough.  All designed to create the sound of running feet and panicked faces!  And of course there’s the whole squat toilet scenario.  When your tummy tells you it’s time to go RIGHT NOW how exactly do you get your gear off and get in the right position in time?  I’m pretty sure this will end badly at least once!  I just hope it happens to one of the others and that I have my camera handy!  I wouldn’t want you all to miss out on the sharing!!
  3. BEING STRANDED/LOST.  Both Gert and I lack a certain sense of direction once we are on foot (he’s alright when we are in the car – I’m still crap!).  We recently had an evening in Melbourne and decided to catch the tram into the city to go to the movies.  We couldn’t work out where to get off because we couldn’t see any signs!  The tram got fuller and fuller with all the commuters going home from work and we started to panic so decided to get off.  Of course we were miles from where we wanted to be and had to walk the rest of the way.  Even when  we got to the movie cinemas we walked up and down the street trying to find the entrance!  Picture us next year – Different country, different language, different transport system – Same crap sense of direction!!
  4. BROKEN BONES.  Let’s face it – we’re travelling with a 10 year old.  One who has yet to experience his first broken bone.  I have a horrible premonition that the first breakage will occur in 2012 in some far flung region.  When he just HAS to climb over that wall that just happens to have some loose bricks!  Whilst I love writing rude words on people’s plaster casts – I hope to not have the experience of writing on Jono’s next year!  I’ve also put in some quality time freaking him out about landmines.  I’m hoping this will result in a good little soldier not leaving my side for the 3 months spent in Asia.  Wish me luck!!
  5. HOMESICKNESS.  What is that?  Who snuck that one in here?  BAHAHAHAHA!!!!  My dear friends we will not be homesick.  Not for a minute.  Not even for a second!!  If I could get us on the plane tomorrow we would be off!  And with the 15kg of technology we will be carrying you all won’t be more than a click of a button away!!

This post is part of a 30 day project being run by  I’ll be posting for the next 30 days based on the subject of the day!  Check back each day for my latest bout of rambling….

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Biggest Travel Mistakes – 5 things that could bring us unstuck! — 5 Comments

  1. Actually getting separated is a big one. When our family was on our 3 month European holiday (all those years ago) it was a constant occurance. And there was only four of us. It was always the following order: Dad in front, striding ahead purposefully, brother and myself in the middle and mum bringing up the rear (constantly stopping to check things in windows). All photo’s taken by my mother show this – you can spot dad in the distance and then my brother and me. There was also the time mum jumped on a train and none of the rest of us did – mainly cause it was going in the wrong direction. That was in Munich as I recall. 🙂

    • Bahaha! I hope we don’t get separated on the train!!! Funny you should mention getting separated. I have a plan in my head about how we will all wander to make sure that doesn’t happen. Last time we were in Sydney both girls disappeared from behind us one night! We freaked out and started frantically searching for them! They had wandered into a shop to look at clothes!! I was one unhappy mummy!!!

  2. Having lived in Thailand for a year and revisited many times, I can safely say that I have never been sick once from food poisoning, this might be sheer luck but who cares as long as that luck continues. If you are heading to India you might want to take some Imodium with you though!

    • Ahhh…Imodium….I was trying to remember the name of that the other day when I was telling someone I would need a BIG supply!! I have a cast-iron stomach most of the time – unfortunately the rest of the family do not share this awesome trait! Hoping your luck will rub onto us for the time we are there! Fingers crossed………

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