It’s My BFF’s Birthday And I Got Her This Horse Video!

By the time you read this Jono and I will have our fat little bums on Australian soil!  We’re home for a quick one week visit to check on our darling Kate and visit for a certain someone’s big birthday!  Here’s a pic of Kim the birthday girl in all her glory.

Kim's Horse Video!

Kim – The Birthday Girl!

And it’s a celebration of a big, big birthday – of course she’s 21 again!

Kim has put up with me for almost 10 years now (I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT NUMBER!)  She’s survived me teasing her over her music choices and rolling my eyes when she spontaneously has a cry over something (usually a movie or me leaving the country.)

She’s dragged me around on lunchtime walks when we worked together even though I complained loudly.  She’s helped me move house (more than once) and is even giving us somewhere to sleep on this fleeting visit!  She still likes me even though I scream whenever a horse or a snake is nearby and give her shit about the amount of chocolate in her pantry!

She’s even an emergency contact for Kate should something go wrong at school.

If you’re lucky you all have a friend like Kim.

Since I do love a good Happy Birthday song and since I’ll be missing ANOTHER morning tea at my former workplace I thought I’d get my good friend Rocky The Wonder Horse to sing for me before my arrival to do it in person.

Because who doesn’t want a horse video for their birthday eh?

Enjoy – and feel free to spread it round so my best friend Kim can have an even more awesome birthday!

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