Beware The Bears Of Tahoe!

W.  O.  W.

We were told by familytrek that bears visited their house most nights to rifle through their trash!  Until we actually got to see one we were bound to think sure, sure!!

Many people think Kangaroos bound down the main streets of Australia every day – this has probably been spread by tourists who visited the more country areas where indeed you can round a corner to discover a big roo perched in the middle of the road, staring you down!

So we kinda took it with a grain of salt.  After all we have camped for 4 nights in National Forrests with bear warnings, boxes for bear food and hefty fines for attracting bears – all with zero sightings!!

So when garbage night rolled around we didn’t have the highest expectations for spotting our bear-friends.  We did, however, have 3 week old garbage and bonus fish remains that Jono had caught the day before.

We were set!

So we waited.  And we waited….and waited…

No bear.


I was tucked up in bed around 2.30am when the banging started outside.  Gert rushed out with the camera to find our target.

And there he was!!  Pulling over the bin to get to the old garbage and the fishy goodness!

Gert snapped heaps of pictures.  All of which are crap!!  You can vaguely see an outline and some glowing eyes in one but the rest are all blurred.

I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that Gert’s hands were shaking!  He was freaking out being so close to a wild bear!  It was hysterical to watch him ducking and weaving around the car!  I have never seen him scared before!

We were excited to see the bear but bummed we didn’t get good pics.  And we figured that was the end of it!

Oh, except for Gert having to go out at 4.30am and pick up all the garbage off the road so it could be collected properly.  He got to chat to the neighbours who were doing the exact same thing as it was just getting light!  Lucky man!

Then today as Kate was in the kitchen after dinner, she happened to glance out the kitchen window.  And she started shouting in her quietest voice that the bear was outside in the garbage again!!

Pandemonium broke out at the dining table as we all frantically started to look for the camera!!  We finally grabbed it and tore it out of it cover!

Then we all raced outside (which you probably shouldn’t do) to see the bear!!

We got some awesome pictures as he rummaged though the bin looking for a loaf of bread and some grapes that we had placed there an hour or so earlier! (oops!)

After his rummage he retired to the playground in the backyard to eat his bread.  Of course we followed for pictures.  The kids and I peered out of the bedroom window to watch him.

Then he decided to come back around the front for the grapes!!  And more pics!!  If you look closely at this one you can see a grape dangling from his mouth!!

When he finally headed off down the street Gert, Kate and Jono followed him to take more pics!

I went back inside and watched from the window – only to see them all running at high speed back up the street!!

Apparently Gert had grabbed Jono and pretended to be the bear and the kids freaked out and ran!!

Funny, Funny!!

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