Best iPad Cases To Survive Long Term Travel Or Maybe Just To Survive Your Kids!


We’ve noticed a massive increase in the number of people sporting iPads these days. When they first came out we were early adopters and drove from store to store one weekend trying to track down two new toys for ourselves!!

We spent hours searching on the internet, calling around and pleading with shop assistants to hang on to that “last” one so we could wizz in and grab it! After a big couple of days we were successful in nabbing 2.

Everyone used to ask us about them whenever we used them when we were out. We used to joke that we should get a job with Apple – we could have sold dozens of iPads between us!!

Of course these days our family has 3! My best friend and most people at work have one. We’ve watched families in airports with multiple devices for their kids.

Even my mum has an iPad now!!

So what comes after the excitement of receiving your new iPad and after you’ve downloaded a heap of free Apps that all your friends are raving about?

Accessories of course!!

IPad covers, cute little pens with squishy ends, keyboards, camera kits, stands etc etc. The list goes on and on!

We aren’t really big on the accessories. But we do love iPad covers.

If you have to get one thing for your iPad, it’s an iPad cover. Truly it’s one of the best iPad accessories you can buy!

It doesn’t really matter which one you buy. You just need a cover to protect your new iPad or you’ll soon have dented edges (DO NOT ask me how I know this!!)

We’ve had cheap $3 ones from ebay. They last a couple of months, then you need a new one. This is pretty fun because it lets you have a new colour or a new pattern when you are sick of the old one and it doesn’t really cost much. It’s probably not so great for the environment since you are constantly chucking them out! I’m still a bit torn over this part!

While we’ve been away we have needed to buy two new iPad cases. Gert and I couldn’t be further apart in what we are looking for in a cover!

I like pretty, bright, spangly covers. He likes sensible, sturdy offerrings!!

I got my new cover in Las Vegas. It’s pink (of course) and it has a keyboard attached. I was thrilled to get it so it could make my blogging life easier!

Having a look at it now it actually has no brand on it (which means it’s a knock of from an original design no doubt!) It is super easy to connect it to the iPad. You just flick the on switch, push the connect button and wait a couple of seconds. Then you’re away! The battery last for something like 20 hours and it has a USB to charge from your computer – easy!

It’s a nice sturdy cover which is standing up well to it’s rough life with me. It’s now a few months old and no sign of the edges falling apart like my $3 jobs off ebay!!

There’s three things I don’t love about it.

  1. When you stand it up so you can use the keyboard, it’s a little bit upright. I would like it to be slanted back a little bit more. I sometimes adjust it to sit further forward on the top of the keyboard so I can use it comfortably.
  2. The keys are exceptionally sensitive. Every third sentence has to be corrected as it has repeated a letter! This can get frustrating if you’re trying to just let your brain go and get all your typing down. As a touch typist I hate having to constantly go back to correct. I don’t think I’m really pressing that hard either.
  3. It makes the whole thing a little heavy. I have the first iPad so it’s heavier than new ones to start with. Add this cover and it really is noticeably heavier. I don’t expect this would be as much of a problem if I had a new iPad 3! Or even if I was home and just had it in my handbag.

Here’s a pic and a link to Amazon if you are experiencing an urge to get your own. This is much better than any of my pics turned out!!

Ooh – it looks like it comes in other colours too! And just let me say that we paid twice the amazon price in bloody Vegas!!

Now Gert likes a chunky case. He carries his ipad around with him, often in his daypack and we’ve noticed it’s often bumped when the bag gets put down.

So we needed something sturdy. Our friends familytrek had a somewhat chunky cover on theirs and it seemed to be childproof too!

So we went off to good old Walmart to see if we could find one. And we did. Gert got himself a Griffin GB02480 Survivor Extreme-duty Military case. Here’s the one we have from the Amazon site.

It’s a 3 piece cover. There’s a screen protector, a soft but strong back and a piece that holds the two together. If you get yourself one of these make sure you give your iPad screen a good clean before installing it. We had to take ours off to remove the odd bits of dirt that had us wiping and rewiping the screen to remove them!! (Definition of insanity anyone?)

Gert is in love with this cover and many people ask him about it but again there are a couple of things we don’t like and think you should be aware of.

  1. If the screen cover isn’t clean you’ll have to take it off if you want to skype. Otherwise the person you’re talking to may see you kind of blurry!
  2. You have to remove the case to use the Apple camera kit as the adaptor is slightly too wide to plug in while the case is on.

These are minor things – we only use the camera kit or skype once in a while so they’re not really deal breakers!

I hope this helps anyone else trying to decide on their latest snazzy iPad cover. These two are definitely surviving their many months on the road with very little signs of wear and tear.

And I have to point out that once again the Amazon price is less than half what we paid in the store. I’m starting to think there will be no more store shopping for us! If only Amazon shipped everything all over the world!!

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Best iPad Cases To Survive Long Term Travel Or Maybe Just To Survive Your Kids! — 6 Comments

    • I always try to squeeze the last bit of life out of my covers too Val! My iPad was sliding out of my last cover so I knew it was time!! I discovered Gert’s sturdy cover comes in hot pink too – the perfect cover!!

    • Most stuff yes. Not big stuff though. I wonder what the cutoff is before it’s considered “big” stuff. My friend recently couldn’t get a computer battery sent anywhere but America. Speaking of Amazon – have you seen all the stuff they sell? I had no idea – thought it was just books and the odd accessory!!!

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