Be Warned Future Hosts – We’ll Trash Your House As Soon As You Leave Us Alone!!

As you all know we broke Justin’s car within 15 minutes of arriving in Boston!!

We went a whole 24 hours without killing anything else.

But then we were left alone on Thursday – unattended!!

Epic fail Justin and Heidi!! Epic fail!! (Please, please click on the link to read my favourite post ever about Justin’s fear of flying!!)

Jono was checking out the books and DVD’s on the bookshelf when there was an almighty crash!! I was sitting right beside him so my arm shot out to catch the shelves and videos (and lamp and ornaments!) that were crashing down on his head!!

When the sound of breaking glass subsided, Jono started saying sorry, sorry, sorry…over and over. Then there were tears. And a plea to be allowed out from under the pile!

And stern orders to STAY PUT!! As I lifted piles of goodies off him!!

Eventually we unloaded all the shelves only to discover the shelves had pushed the whole side panel off the bookcase! Oops! Our kid doesn’t do things by halves!!

When Justin and Heidi arrived home they were greeted by the bookcase on its side in the middle of the room and request for a screwdriver and wood glue from Gert!!

Heidi very graciously said the lamp was already broken but she could have just been being nice to poor Jono!!

Half hour later the bookcase was reassembled and restocked with DVDs and books.

All ready for the next adventure!!

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Be Warned Future Hosts – We’ll Trash Your House As Soon As You Leave Us Alone!! — 8 Comments

  1. It was all just a ploy to have our Danish friend fix our Swedish furniture. They fell right into our evil trap! Hehehe… Thanks Jono! BTW, Kate, you’re still a fave – every girl Sam sees: “that girl looks like Kate”:)

    • Wow! And we thought we should feel guilty!! Kate’s head is enormous at the news she is still the greatest!!!

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