Angkor Wat, Cambodia – The most amazing place I’ve ever seen!!

The Angkor Wat Complex in Cambodia is one of the most amazing places I have ever been.  I’m pretty sure I won’t be in awe like this again until we visit the Pyramids of Egypt.

The sheer size of the site just blows your mind once you arrive at the front gate.  Entrance charges start at US$20 per day.  We opted to get a 7 day pass for US$40 each.  This allowed us three visits although we knew we would only be going on two separate days.  This is quite a high entrance fee compared to other places in Cambodia so I was pleased to discover that children under 12 were free and we didn’t have to pay for Jono!

When you consider our budget for “stuff” is just $50 per day, $160 is a big chunk to spend just on one entrance fee.  The site is over 200 acres so you do get your money’s worth – especially if you are able to visit 3 times in the week!!

We arranged a tuk tuk to take us out for the day for the princely sum of $15 for the whole day.  We needed two tuk tuks of course as there’s 5 of us!  We thought we were getting a guided tour but actually they just ferried us around and pointed us to each temple and them we were on our own!!

We crawled over the sites.  We went upstairs.  We went downstairs.  We dragged ourselves through HUGE buildings and across wide open spaces to get to the next HUGE building!!  This first day was possibly the largest amount of walking we have done since we left home in January.

And it was so worth it!

Here Kate looks tiny walking on the ruins of Angkor Wat.

Every section that we had to walk through had stairs like this.

Sometimes they were wooden like the ones in the picture, but sometimes they were made of stone.  Imagine dozens and dozens of separate rooms (each once contained a buddha).  At each of these rooms you go up a few steps and down a few steps, over and over and over again.  The stairmaster has nothing on this place!!  I could feel muscles growing in my bum by the minute!!

We waited in line for 20 minutes to climb these stairs (yes – there were that many people at Angkor Wat in Cambodia).  Jono wasn’t allowed up as he has only 10 so he sat down the bottom and waited for us!!  The climb was huge but it’s about the 3rd one we’ve done so we’re getting used to them now!!

Once we were up the top there was more awesome scenery!!  Here’s Jono looking tiny from the very top!!

The walls were amazingly detailed!

and our good friend the golden statue was here too!

There’s more pics to come but I’m running out of internet connection and Pad Thai noodles are calling my tummy!!

Next post tomorrow with the rest……

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Angkor Wat, Cambodia – The most amazing place I’ve ever seen!! — 4 Comments

    • I’m sure you will get your chance Amber. It really is well worth seeing and I’m so glad we went!

    • Bahahaha!!! His age is fluid as it suits us at home! Here they check his passport or his birth certificate! We nearly told them he was 12 so he could climb the temple but then I knew I’d have to produce his ticket! They check your ticket at EVERY temple so we had to carry his passport the whole time!! And there were babies on that ghost tour anyway so it doesn’t count!! Lol

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