Life Changing Year Family photo at the Grand Canyon

Is it time to spread your advertising reach?  Do you have a product, a business or a service that fits in with our outrageously honest Life Changing Year site?

We love to tell stories – the more irreverent the better!  We enjoy sharing our family travel experiences and the details of the destinations we visit.  Most of all we want to encourage others to plan their own exciting Life Changing Year!

Current information about as at August 2014.

  • Alexa Ranking under 380,000
  • Facebook followers 927+
  • Twitter followers 5555
  • Over 2500 visitors per month
  • Over 4500 page views per month

We offer various advertising packages:

  1. Sidebar image and content advertising on one or more of our sites.  Reasonable monthly rates are available and we offer a 15% discount for our yearly advertisers.  Our discounted yearly fee includes unlimited changes to your ad copy for the entire year.  We will specifically mention you in at least one blog post during the year and offer free inclusion in our monthly newsletter.
  2. Embedded text links in custom made posts – maximum of 2 links.  (We prefer to write these but will accept pre-written articles if the subject suits this site.)  An additional link is available to the article in the sidebar for a small fee.
  3. Sponsored Posts.  Includes a byline in the article “Brought to you by…..”(Again, we prefer to write our own original content but if you catch us on a good day we can discuss it!)

Please note that all paid for links in any posts will be nofollow links.  We have to keep on the good side of Mr Google apparently 🙂

Contact us at for our current rate card.

We look forward to working with you to enhance your brand.



We often write product reviews of accommodation, restaurants or entertainment activities that we have experienced first hand.

We are happy to consider complimentary activities, accommodation, cruises or experiences that have a family travel or life changing year theme.  We want the reviews of these experiences to be of value to our readers in all cases.

We will always write an accurate review of exactly what we experienced regardless of whether the service was provided free of charge.

We always disclose to our readers when we receive a free or discounted service that we have written about.

Please note that all reviews will include nofollow links.  We’ve recently been penalised by Google for having dofollow links to websites that we have reviewed the services of.  All these reviews were places where we had paid for our own visit and they were not sponsored in any way.  Still Google wasn’t happy so we now have a policy that all reviews will be nofollow – regardless of whether they are comped or not.

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