99 Days Until Our Adventure Begins!!

Yes folks.  Only 99 days until we leave Australia!!  I’ve been counting down the days and was excited to see that a two digit number was soon to be here!!

Now that we’ve arrived at this momentous event several things have happened.

  1. It all seems so much more real.  We’ve purchased our backpacks, started selling our crap, made arrangements for our “homeless” period etc.  The drop into two digits has really made it seem so much closer!  Kate has stepped up her lobbying to be left with friends for the first 6 months – for some reason she has decided that she should do school for 6 months then join us at her leisure to finish out the year with no distance ed.  I basically told her to kiss my ass, the family won’t be getting split up!!  She’s less than impressed.
  2. Time has sped up!!  Getting to this point seems to have taken a really long time but somewhere along the way time has sped up and now the weeks are flying by!  Each time I blink another week has been lost – I have to admit the panic is not far off.  I’m trying hard to keep myself in check.  It’s only 4.5 weeks until we move house and it won’t be long before I freak out about everything that has to be completed before we can go away!
  3. The house looks like a tornado has been through!!  We need to move out of our rental property on 18 November 2011.  No extensions, no discussion.  The new owners will be moving in on 19 November!  This means everything we are keeping needs to be packed up and sent to storage by this date.  I’ve spent dozens of hours ebaying our possessions and also survived a garage sale last Sunday that made us $1200.  The money was a great addition to the kitty.  Unfortunately I’m not the most organised little pumpkin at home and I just walked through the house dragging things out to go to the sale.  I also decided about the same time to pull out all the tupperware for sorting, washing and packing.  The sorting has occurred as has the washing.  Alas no packing!  I don’t have boxes big enough yet and tupperware is so bloody bulky!!  I think looking at it all for the last two weeks has convinced me that the keep pile is too big – some more of this will be going to the next garage sale.  In the meantime we kind of push things out of the way with our feet when we want to walk up the hallway.  Don’t even get me started on how we get in the front door…..NOT my idea of fun!!!
  4. I’m meeting such nice people on the internet!  I’ll save the details of this one for a separate post but I am constantly amazed by the nice people I talk to online.  Of course I know there are very nice people out there.  When we find them they are the ones who become our friends.  But to meet people online that will freely share their own experiences and advice, invite you to join their communities and even invite you into their homes is probably the best part of this whole journey for me.  I LOVE the idea of meeting people I have only talked to on Twitter.  I can’t wait to stay with people I’ve NEVER talked to on the phone or in person.  I have quite a sense of amazement that people are so very open and generous (even though we would happily open our home to others without a second thought!!)
  5. The thought of spending 365 days non-stop with my family does not fill me with dread like I thought it might.  As our departure date draws nearer, I can’t wait for the time when we travel around together.  I look forward to long chats with my daughters on busses filled with chickens!  The thought of making faces at the boys on a particularly horrific train trip to make them laugh fills me with satisfaction!!!  The thought of an extended stint in Vegas is made better knowing we will all be together – especially now that I know Brittney plans to ask the Hoover Dam tour guide to take her to the Transformers!!

I can’t wait to get on that plane.  I crave the day that all this organising, selling, packing, cleaning, saving and planning is over and we can get to the good stuff!!! 

I wonder if the family will submit to wearing matching T-Shirts on the plane………..?

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99 Days Until Our Adventure Begins!! — 2 Comments

  1. Wow! It’s so near already! 99 days! It’s like counting down to Christmas, except you’re packing your clothes instead of gifts. Good luck on the journey that awaits you and your family and keep us all posted! Never been to Australia, so I’m excited to know how life there is. Have fun! 🙂
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    • I KNOW!!! I can hardly believe it’s so close! And you are right. It’s exactly like counting down to Christmas! I couldn’t ask for a better present than 12 months with no housework or bills!!! U should definitely see Australia. Every so often the thought pops into my head that we should be travelling Australia! But it’s easier to think overseas is more exciting when u live here!!

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