7 Things I Love About America!!

As we have been driving long distances in America it has given me loads of time to think about what we have experienced here and how it is different to Australia and different to other parts of the world we have visited.

So here’s my delusional ramblings of my 7 favourite things for you to devour…..

  1. I love giant sodas for $1.  I know it makes me a bad person but where else can you get litres of soft drink for a buck?  I drink diet so no need to really worry about getting a fat arse!!  Right?
  2. I love the absolutely jaw-dropping scenery that America has!  I’m pretty sure this means I am getting old but each time we discover a new piece of scenery my mouth actually drops open!  Several times we have rounded a corner and I have pulled the car over and insisted Gert take photos.  The sheer drops of the Grand Canyon, the majesty that is Yosemite, the AMAZING volcanic leftovers of Crater Moon and Yellowstone.  Plus the sheer staggering size of the rocks that we saw driving through the rocky mountains and through Utah.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!  I have no other words.
  3. I love the friendly people.  I’ll be frank.  In Australia, Americans have a reputation for being loud and a bit arrogant.  It seems they are nothing of the sort!  We have people scrambling to open doors for us, asking us all about Australia and our travels, giving us discount vouchers, offering to take us places, make bookings for us etc, etc, etc.  The families that we know online have turned out to be some of the loveliest I’ve ever met!  We are so lucky to have met them in person and spent time with them.  This has meant a surprising amount to me.  Who knew I had feelings??  We’ve even had homeless people be more polite to us than some people in Australia!!  Even the kids have commented how polite and friendly everyone is!  You know it’s noticeable if the kids are aware of it!!
  4. I love driving on wide roads!  Everywhere we go the roads are so wide!!  At home we squeeze down little alleyways in our cars.  In vietnam we walked down laneways that were barely wide enough for two people to walk shoulder to shoulder!  Here there are wide, wide streets and highways.  It’s completely awesome – especially since I have had to master driving on the opposite side of the road to what I am used to.  Love it!!
  5. I love the wierd vibe on the street in LA and Las Vegas!  You really have to experience this to understand what I mean!  There seemed to be a certain anger in LA.  Run-down buildings, homeless people, black men shouting at each other on public transport.  All of this was so interesting to me and I was sad when we bought a car as it meant no more public transport!!  Las Vegas is one of my favourite places.  I love the climate here in June/July/August, I love the odd people around, I love crowds on the street long after it gets dark and the fact that it’s still hot when it’s time to go to bed!  I especially love the choice of shows here and the fact that you can easily get a discount ticket!  So many choices of things to do!!
  6. I love the cheap prices for clothing and shoes!  Any self-respecting girl has to mention this!  Although I’m not actually buying anything, my mouth waters at the thought of all the cheap stuff I could be stuffing in my bag!!  One day I’m going to come here to actually shop instead of sight-see.  On that day America can count on being magically lifted out of it’s economic problems!
  7. I love that everyone here seems to love Disneyland!  I haven’t published my post about Disneyland yet as I wanted to mull it over a bit to make sure it says exactly what I mean.  But in America every single person I’ve mentioned Disneyland to says it is “Magical!”  Every.  Single.  Person!!  To have that much love for what is essentially a theme park and to see just how dedicated those that go there are, shows just how much Disneyland is in the hearts of Americans.  SO interesting!!

Have I left anything off the list?  Leave a comment below if you think there’s other better stuff!!

And check back in a few days for the list of stuff that annoys the crap out of me about America.  Can anyone say RED TAPE…….?

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7 Things I Love About America!! — 11 Comments

  1. The Western half of the United State is so amazingly gorgeous and I can’t get over it even though I was born and raised here. I’m so glad you guys have had a wonderful first leg – albeit you missed out on Washington State :*(

    I can’t wait to hear about your other adventures (especially the Eastern half of the USA which I’ve haven’t visited much). Have fun on your next leg!
    AdventureBee recently posted..Happy Bee Birthday!My Profile

    • So if you live here you still think it’s amazing? Wow! That says something doesn’t it!! We surely would not have seen so much if we didn’t have a car to get around!!

  2. We couldn’t get over how friendly the American people were either. Most of the time we had people falling over themselves trying to help us out or tell us how cute our baby was. We, too, were surprised given the reputation of them abroad. Americans are so much more polite and extroverted than New Zealander’s. It’s a good combination.

    Don’t get me started on the clothes and shoes! Did you discover Ross Dress for Less? We couldn’t drive past one without having a good dig through the discount racks.
    Bethaney – Flashpacker Family recently posted..Southern Provinces – The North Korea of ThailandMy Profile

    • I have self excluded myself from ROSS!! Told the security man to have me arrested if he saw me again!!! He didn’t quite know what to do!! How hilarious that you like it too!!

  3. Would love to head over to the US sometime!
    They definitely have some of the worlds most amazing scenery!!! We just got back from the Flinders and no doubt, it would be “piddly” compared to the grand canyon! With that said it was an incredible trip!! (still trying to get my head straight to write about it)

    Australian people can be very aggressive for no reason, we don’t go out into town much on friday nights because God forbid you look at someone and next minute you’re in a fight! Its going a little overboard!
    Sam @ Travellingking.com recently posted..The Bombay Bicycle Club’s Tyres Went FlatMy Profile

    • You will have a great time when you finally hit US soil – it’s an amazing country with mostly lovely people! Funny you should say that about aggressive Aussies. I have a stock standard answer ready whenever someone says “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT????” I always say Wow, I was just admiring your shoes/t-shirt/hair colour/shade of lipstick/tattoo/handgun etc!!! Then I ask a question! Deflects them every time, even though I’m making it up!!!!!!! Try it some time!

      • Tracey,

        Sorry I’m reading this so late but that’s a great answer and deflection. It automatically either puts them on the defensive or makes them realize what an a$$hole they’re being.

        I’m from the great state of Ohio in the U.S.

        Glad you enjoyed your trip. Hope you come back soon.

        • I love that you’re reading this so late! How sad to think our posts are only around right after we first publish them! We really enjoyed our trip. I have a whole spreadsheet with plans for our second long visit. I hope we get to implement it sometime in the next couple of years 🙂

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