7 Of The Coolest Camper Vans Of All Time!

Coolest camper vans ever!

Today we have something different for all our readers.  Our very first guest post covers the coolest camper vans you will ever see!!

Ever wanted to do a road trip in an AMAZING vehicle?  If so, check out some of the descriptions of travelling vans below.  And a couple of pics of those rides!  Thanks so much to Amy of National Van Hire!

Thinking of a cross-country trip? Tired of spending nights awake in hostels, cursing the guys (or girls) snoring peacefully around you? Do you love the freedom of driving, good music on the stereo, window down, knowing that it is up to you where you go and when?

A camper van is your hostel and transportation all rolled up in one and is the perfect vacation alternative for those who want to be their own holiday organiser. And with a really cool camper van you are inheriting a long tradition of freedom and adventure seeking.  For those who don’t want to take the final plunge to purchase their own van there are plenty of van hire opportunities throughout the country.

So from the humble VW vans to weird and wonderful customised campers, below are 7 of the coolest camper cans.

7) The VW Type 2 is a restorer’s dream. Officially known as the Kompi or Transporter, to most it is simply known as a Hippie Van; home to long-haired flower-children in the Summer of Love. Produced between 1950 and 1967, the VW Type 2 is still one of the coolest camper vans ever produced.  It is highly sought after by camping enthusiasts old and new. Classic features include white bumpers, white-wall tyres and two-tone paint finishes.

6) In 2000, three mates from high school in Japan built a two-story house on a truck. Born from the remnants of a battered-up Toyota pick-up truck, this crazy creation was equipped with showers, ice cabinet and kitchen – it even had a traditional Japanese screen (shoji) and 4 tatami mats.  Between 2000 and 2002 this camper carried these friends over 25,500kms in Japan.

5) If, like me, you have a natural aversion to punctuality, then perhaps I have found your answer. With an official measured speed of 207km/h, the Hymer is the fastest camper van on record and a bona fide Guinness Book of Records speedster. Made by the tuning company Goldschmidt and based on a standard 2.3 litre diesel Fiat Ducato, the Hymer smashed the previous record of 191km/h and, not resting on its laurels, plans to exceed 230km/h in 2013.

4) Despite looking like a conversion, the 1967 Vanden Plas Princess is one of the strangest and most beautiful camper vans ever built. Resembling the offspring of a drunken union between a Rolls-Royce and a caravan, the Vanden is furnished with materials like walnut and leather and is one of the few camper vans that could legitimately be called “elegant” and “sophisticated”.

3) What can be more British than a double-decker camper van? Well, a few years ago an ex-London 1985 MCW metrobus was converted into a motorhome for two families and a disabled child with serious medical needs. This monster of a camper van had four bunks, a computer station, upper deck bathroom and a special needs area, equipped with medical equipment and an oxygen machine.

2) Now what could possibly be better than a gigantic camper van equipped with state-of-art facilities and amenities? One that can go on water…obviously! The Terra Wind is a bus-sized amphibious camper van that fuses together the best features in luxury yachts and motor coaches. With a Jacuzzi, mahogany dining table, 42” plasma TV, carpets, granite countertops and luxurious interiors, if James Bonds had a camper van this would be it!

1) And now for our winner.  The coolest and most revered camper van is still the classic Volkswagen T5. It may not be able to drive on water or have its own meditation room, but there is no other camper van in history which represents the whole ethos of camper vanning – freedom, fun and understated flair. Whatever your requirements, this classic camper van is fully equipped with everything you need and is widely available for van hire for newbies.  Jacuzzi not included!

How could anyone resist any of the coolest camper vans above?

Amy is a travel writer from National van hire in the UK.

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