6 Months On The Road – Was It Worth It?

June 20 marked the 6 month anniversary of our life changing year adventure!

And I was too tired to do a blog post after walking around Prague for two whole days!!

But better late than never, so here we are!

I wanted to make a list of all the cool stuff we’ve done – mostly to make our friends and readers jealous!  But also to show just how much you can achieve in a short period if you set your mind to it!!

If you’re new here many of these items have a link to the original blog post – how nice am I?

Here are the highlights! We have:

  • White water rafted
  • Ridden elephants
  • Eaten fried crickets
  • Survived Vin Pearl Island
  • Photographed the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur
  • Checked out Ho Chi Minh’s remains in his crypt
  • Been interviewed on the street in Vietnam by university students
  • Jet skied
  • Were stalked by Lisa Vine through 3 hostels!!
  • Mastered bartering for tuk tuks
  • Survived said tuk tuk rides!
  • Bathed in freezing waterfalls in Thailand and Laos
    Explored Angkor Wat in Cambodia
  • Visited the Killing Fields and S21in Cambodia
  • Almost caused a national toilet paper shortage in Cambodia during 4 days of sickness
  • Sustained second degree sunburn on a boat in Cambodia (requiring medical intervention)
  • Burned ourselves again in Vietnam just weeks later!
  • Fed monkeys coke and Pringles!
  • Played SPOTTO with hundreds of Monks!
  • Enjoyed a lazy two days on the Mekong River to Laos
  • Had monkeys hold our hands at the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur
  • Been grossed out by the goings-on of Koh San Road
  • Saw bears in Tahoe – close enough to get pics!!
  • Took a dip in Lake Tahoe whilst standup paddle boarding!
  • Jono caught our dinner at the kids lake in Tahoe
  • Took a Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai
  • Survived the shame of Jono Peeing on the bus!!
  • Watched a woman parasail in a Burka
  • Held snakes in various locations!
  • Freaked out at a Tsunami warning in Thailand (when we were in Vietnam!!)
  • Managed to not be close by when a man blew himself up in Thailand!
  • Visited the Jelly Belly factory – oh those samples!!
  • Admired sea lions at Pier 39
  • Had physio on Mother’s day weekend in San Francisco
  • Rode the Trolley in San Francisco
  • Caused a ruckus at the NASA space centre in Houston
  • Sniffled at the 9/11 Memorial
  • Enjoyed two days at Disneyland
  • Visited Yellowstone and got snowed on!
  • Explored Yosemite National Park
  • Saw the heads of Presidents at Mt Rushmore!
  • Waved to the Statue of Liberty
  • Drove through Death Valley
  • Drove over the Rocky Mountains
  • Checked out the Stars on The Sidewalk in Hollywood
  • Ate Durians!
  • Spent 3 weeks in Vegas Baby!!
  • Camped in tents for 3 months! Eek!
  • Admired the scenery in Sedona
  • Eaten at Denny’s about 30 times to save money!
  • Put on 15kg between us!!
  • Explored the Grand Canyon
  • Took an Oath not to take stuff from National Parks!
  • Picked up hitchhikers from Yosemite
  • Explored old lava at Craters of the Moon
  • Got zapped by static at White Sands Memorial
  • Spent a week in an RV from California to Texas
  • Were pulled up by the Highway Patrol searching for an RV that left the local missile base(can anyone say PAUL!!)
  • Survived possible alien abduction at Roswell
  • Giggled through a ghost tour at Tombstone
  • Bought a car in Texas
  • Finally met online friends in Texas, Tahoe, Idaho and Boston
  • Avoided certain death by a screaming female truck driver in New Mexico
  • Had a gentleman pray for our safe travels in New Mexico
  • “Accidently” almost crossed the border into Mexico
  • Had clothes tailored in Hoi An
  • Almost inadvertently married Brittney off to a tailor in Hoi An (his mum was circling!)
  • Been to Harvard
  • Watched 4th of July fireworks in Boston
  • Rode bicycles in Vietnam
  • Walked around the meteorite crater in Arizona
  • Sailed small boats on a lake in Boston
  • Visited Carhenge
  • Spray Painted cars at Cadillac Ranch
  • Broke Justin and Heidi’s car and part of their furniture!
  • Had Brittney chuck it in and go home early in May!
  • Slept in a tent for 100 in Munich!
  • Gave away our car and camping gear in Vegas
  • Visited the Dachau Concentration camp in Munich
  • Visited 16 states of the USA
  • Caught countless buses, trains, boats and aeroplanes!

What a list huh?  We definitely think it’s been worth it!!

What have you all been doing the last six months?

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6 Months On The Road – Was It Worth It? — 7 Comments

  1. Love this list! I’ve been traveling full-time for 8 months and I’ve done so much stuff, it exhausts me to write a list! But some highlights include:

    Hiking the Hollywood Mountain in Los Angeles
    Street performing in Santa Monica
    Road tripping up to San Francisco, exploring the Haight/Ashbury District
    Surviving a 15 direct flight to Australia
    Hand feeding a wallaby and a kangaroo
    Dodging poisonous snakes in Oz
    Getting burnt to a crisp down under
    Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef
    Cuddling Koalas at a sanctuary
    Saw wild bearded dragons
    Eating from Portland food trucks
    Hiking Multnomah Falls in Oregon
    Hiking the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon
    Taking a roadtrip from Portland to San Francisco along the Coast
    Living in the jungle in Hawaii
    Learning how to surf
    Swimming with sea turtles
    Swimming with dolphins
    Learning/taking up yoga
    Hitch hiking regularly
    Started getting published as a travel writer!
    Learned to hoop, poi and belly dance
    Managed at an eco-hostel
    Hunted wild pigs
    Flew on an 8-person flight to Maui
    Hiked Iao Valley
    Hung with surfers in west Maui
    Live right next to an active volcano on Big Island

    The list goes on and on! It’s been a good year!

    • Wow – You have an amazing list too!! And you’ve done my all-time favourite thing – snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef!!! And how exciting to get paid to write! That’s on my list for the next 6 months!!

  2. Wow that’s a huge list! I keep reading over going ‘oh I have to ask about that experience’ and then I see something else, and something else and entirely forget what I was going to ask.

    So what does the next six months bring?
    Tracy recently posted..Two very different daysMy Profile

    • I was a bit like that while I was trying to write it Tracy! Without all our photos I might never have remembered some things! And it makes me realise just how many blog posts didn’t get written!! Loved your Two Very Different Days post – I was regaling Gert with it last night!

    • Oh – and the next 6 months. Will be a very frugal 6 months as we’ve killed our budget!! 3 months in Europe has become 2 – Munich, Berlin, Prague, UK, Denmark – then we plan to head back to SE Asia and explore areas we haven’t been. Hopefully Myanmar will feature in there!!

  3. So JEALOUS of your list. Although my list does include a two week family vacation in France this past September/October…so, not too bad. Where is the Jelly Belly Factory????

    • It’s a pretty cool list huh? I can hardly believe it myself when I look at it!! 2 weeks in France is nothing to sneeze at. France is awesome!!! The Jelly Belly factory is at Fairfield, California I think and was well worth a visit. I think there might be another one in Wisconsin too!

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